Boehner Looking More Like Benedict Arnold of Republican Party

When the Republican Party regained control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 election, John Boehner (R-OH) became Speaker of the House.  At that time, Boehner spoke about how he and the Republican controlled House would stand up against the path that President Obama and the Democrats had been leading our country down.

In one of the first stand offs, many of the newly elected Republican House members stood firm on the debt crisis.  They were determined to keep their campaign promises by cutting spending and the national debt.  Under Boehner’s leadership, the Republican House eventually made compromises with the Democratic controlled Senate and the president to avert a government shutdown and supposed default on the national debt loan payments.

Then on the payroll tax cuts, the Republican House insisted on passing a measure to extend them through the end of 2012.  The Democratic Senate only wanted a two month extension.  Once again, a number of freshman Republicans in the House vowed to stand firm on their demand for a one year extension.  And once again, Boehner slithered off to the White House to negotiate with the President.  He came back with another capitulation measure as he bowed to the pressures of the Democrats once again.

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For the past six months, Operation Fast and Furious has been a central issue on Capitol Hill.  Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) is head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  He has launched a House investigation into the ATF’s botched gun running program in an attempt to hold those responsible for it and the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has been before the House investigation panel and has repeatedly lied to them and continues to refuse to turn over all of the documentation the panel has insisted on having.  Some members of the panel have indicated they may be considering contempt charges against the nation’s top cop.

A growing number of House Republicans have been calling for the immediate resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder.  There is a ‘no confidence’ resolution in the House that has been signed by more and more representatives.

Among all of the outcries for Holder’s removal from office, House Speaker Boehner has remained silent.  He has not said anything to condemn Holder’s lying to Congress and the American people.

Now, just when it seems the House is about to see a victory in the Fast and Furious  investigation, it appears that Boehner and other Republican leaders are doing more to hinder the investigation than to help it.  A number of reports are starting to surface that this past week, Boehner and his close colleagues have been secretly meeting Democratic leadership to discuss ways of halting Issa’s investigation of Fast and Furious.

This begs the question of what in the world is Boehner doing and why?

If Holder is innocent of the allegations being leveled at him, then Issa’s investigation should exonerate him.  But it seems the further Issa delves into the investigation, the more the White House and Democratic leaders are becoming nervous and even jittery over it.

Holder and Obama need to recall that President Richard Nixon was not impeached for his role in perpetrating the Watergate break in, but for his lying to Congress and trying to cover it up.  When Nixon realized that he could no longer defend his wrongful acts, he resigned his office as President of the United States.

Holder seems to be taking the very same course of action as did Nixon and he should be realizing that he may have no other choice but to follow Nixon’s example and resign.  But the White House does not want this to happen so they are doing everything in their power to hinder and stop Issa’s House investigation.

And it appears that Boehner is once again becoming a turncoat to the Republican Party and seems to be trying to work out some sort of compromise with the Democratic leadership.  If there was an annual Benedict Arnold Award, I would nominate John Boehner to be this year’s recipient.  Perhaps as long as Boehner retains the position of Speaker of the House, his title should be Traitor of the House.

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