Boehner Plans to Sue ‘King-like’ Obama

Speaker of the House John Boehner announced a plan Wednesday to sue President Obama for his multiple violations of the Constitution and refusal to enforce the laws and uphold his oath of office.

Talk about late to the game.

The idea of suing the president raises mixed feelings, the first being anger that it took years for Boehner to do anything against our imperial president, the last being anger that the attempt is so feeble.

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In between those two marking posts, I can understand something of Boehner’s dilemma.

In the foremost place, the speaker is a man who simply doesn’t move unless he truly has to. He didn’t get the job because of his fire and energy. He got it because he waited in line, did all the committee assignments and in general, unlike the IRS, turned in his homework. He got the speakership simply because it was his turn. Boehner is practically the living embodiment of inertia.

But then he’s been receiving a lot of pressure from growing numbers of people at the country club — er, Congress — to “do something” about Obama, who more and more has been acting like Sauron to Boehner’s Steward of Gondor. Obama has been breaking the law and his oath of office for years, but it was this year that he dubbed the “year of action” and kicked off with a State of the Union address in which he openly declared to the world that he was going to go around Congress whenever it didn’t rubber stamp his programs.

The problem that has hamstrung Congress, though, is Harry Reid, who in his role as the Mouth of Sauron has mobilized the army of cave trolls (the Democrats) to prevent any incursions by the enemy into the sanctity of Mordor.

I don’t want to belabor the Tolkien references (though the media do a good job as the Gates of Mordor), but I really do believe that Obama and Reid at least see themselves as epic figures in a mythological battle for control of their world.

The problem, of course, is that in their world, dark is light, lies are truth and evil is good, which leaves normal Americans on the receiving end of a toxic, liberal-induced, Marxist nightmare.

Back to Boehner’s dilemma. Reid has the Senate so locked down that any congressional procedures for moving against Obama are dead on arrival. Hence, the route of last resort, filing a lawsuit.

As Boehner described it, the process first requires approval in the House for the lawsuit, which will give him legal standing to file. Then, it’s up to the court. Presumably, the Supreme Court is the place such a suit would be heard, but even there, Obama has strings to pull, with at least four justices in his pocket.

The good thing about filing a lawsuit is that it represents essentially a greatly shortened impeachment process. This will give the media less time to spin and cover for their boss, and they won’t have a vast amount of material to spin, as the arguments would likely be very short and in the confines of the SCOTUS courtoom.

The bad news is that also means less time for Boehner to make the case with the American people, most of whom are dumb as rocks and will probably be stunned to learn that there’s any controversy around their Dear Leader.

The other bit of bad news is that such a lawsuit would be facing the Obama Administration’s wall of disinformation, one of the most successful, manipulative ongoing propaganda efforts in the history of mankind. Even shortening the time line, Boehner and supporters will be under relentless attack. This will be the time when everything about anyone except Obama will come to light. If Betty Sue Jenkins has a tale to tell about the time 15-year-old Johnny Boehner copped a feel at the drive-in, this is when we’ll hear about it in nauseating detail. Long before we get to courtroom arguments, liberals will be howling for Boehner’s head on a stick.

All of these considerations have to be rolling through Boehner’s mind now that he’s spelled out his plan. It will take considerable guts to see it through, which means there’s a grave danger that this will turn into just another sideshow, like the many congressional investigations whose real purpose seems to be keeping conservative members of Congress busy.

Even if Boehner were to see this through and argue the case before the Supreme Court, and if a miracle happens and the justices vote to uphold the lawsuit, then what?

Will the suit call for Obama’s immediate impeachment or removal from office? Will there be a lesser punishment? Or will it just be symbolic, a “message” sent to wake up the White House?

Whatever the result of a successful lawsuit might be, we’re still dealing with a White House that believes it is the only law that counts.

What if Boehner wins, but Caesar shrugs? Where does that leave America?


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