Boehner Resigns: Will New Speaker Have Guts to Stand Up to Obama?

Yesterday, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) announced through his aide that he was going to resign as Speaker and from Congress. He will serve through the end of October and then step down from one of the most powerful positions in the United States government.

For the past several years I’ve referred to Rep. John Boehner as Compromiser of the House instead of Speaker. Time and again he caved in to the dictatorial demands of Barack Obama instead of standing strong for his fellow House Republicans or the American people. Obama knew that Boehner did not have the guts to stand his ground and used that to push his tyrannical ways through the House.

Every budget bill, Boehner postures to be firm and then compromises and gives Obama what he wanted. The Sequestration was Obama’s idea to pressure Republicans to do what he wanted. Boehner appeared to stand firm and actually allowed parts of the government to shut down, but eventually caved in and kissed the master’s feet.

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Many House Republicans called for Boehner to step down as Speaker and turn the leadership over to someone with more integrity and guts. I was surprised after the 2014 elections when House Republicans re-elected Boehner as Speaker of the House. It didn’t make sense for so many to call for him to step down and then vote him right back in.

Currently, there is a major internal war raging among House Republicans. Many are pushing for Boehner and other House Republicans to stand firm on the federal budget bill which includes defunding Planned Parenthood. Weaker and more liberal House Republicans including Boehner don’t seem to be willing to force a stalemate with Obama on the issue and allow another government shutdown.

Evidently, the more conservative House Republicans are demanding on doing the will of the people by defunding Planned Parenthood and have put the pressure on Boehner to stand with them or get out of their way. It seems Boehner has opted to get out of their way, but not in time to make a difference on the budget bill. The fiscal year for the federal government ends September 30 and if Congress has not approved a measure to keep the government running, it will be forced to start shutting down as it did during the Sequestration.

The question now is who will House Republicans select to replace Boehner as Speaker of the House starting November 1? Will they chose a strong leader or another wishy washy Charley Brown like Boehner? That decision could well impact the 2016 elections and determine if Republicans retain control of Congress and win the White House or will turn everything back over to the Democrats, determining the future of America, if there is one.

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