Boehner Running Scared in Mid-term Election

When Republicans regained control of the House in 2010, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) was selected to be the Speaker of the House.  Boehner was so confident in his position that he didn’t run any campaign ads on television during the 2012 campaign season.  A couple of other organizations ran ads supporting him, but none of those were from Boehner’s camp.

This year is different.  Boehner is not as secure in his position.  I live just south of Cincinnati in northern Kentucky and our local news comes from the Queen City and we hear all of the Ohio political ads, even more than we hear about Kentucky politics.  This morning, I saw a Boehner ad and what I heard just about made me choke on my breakfast.

The people interviewed on the commercial made the following statements:

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“John Boehner’s fighting for people like us, working families”

“I’m a veteran and John Boehner’s always been there for us.”

“He knows government’s too big and spends too much.”

“We need John Boehner in Congress; it’s as simple as that.”

Since becoming Speaker of the House in 2010, Boehner has compromised and given in to President Obama time and time again.  He has given in every time Obama sliced the military budget, including reducing benefits, so how can any member of the military or veterans say Boehner has always been there for them?

If Boehner truly believes that government is too big and spending too much, then how come he hasn’t done anything to change it?   He’s made gestures of change but when Obama and Democrats oppose him, he eventually caves in to their demands rather than standing up for what he believes.

If Boehner is so good, then why are so many conservative groups running ads to oppose Boehner’s re-election.  I typed in ‘John Boehner campaign ads’ in to a Google search and these are only a few of the articles I found:

“Conservative group launches campaign to ‘fire Boehner’”

“’Fire Boehner’ ads running across cable news this week”

“BOEHNER: $250 on gold, $0 for unemployment and raise retirement benefits”

“Tea Party group plans ad campaign against Boehner”

Like myself, many other conservatives see Boehner as a liberal masquerading in conservative clothing.  I put him in the same class of liberal Republicans like Chris Christie, John McCain and Jeb Bush.  Boehner is facing three other Republicans in the primary, two of which are Tea Party activists and they must be making him nervous to force him to run his first ads in 4 years.  For the sake of the nation and House Republicans we can only hope and pray that one of the Tea Party candidates can end Boehner’s wishy washy career and take over his seat in Congress.

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