Border Fence Working in Israel, Why Not in US?

The infamous immigration reform bill is slowly working its way through Congress.  A number of provisions within the thousand page tome deals with costs, citizenship and border security.  Among the border security issues is a border fence to run the full length of the US-Mexico border.

Over the years, there have been sections of the fence built here and there.  Congress has passed laws to fund the building of additional fence and then they’ve turned around and defunded the fence.  Some say the fence is effective while others say that it does little to deter illegal crossings.  When the Gang of 8 were touring a section of fence in Nogales, Arizona earlier this year, a young Hispanic woman climbed the fence and made her way into the US in view of the politicians.  Personally, I believe the incident was staged and the woman was hired to scale the fence at the precise location just as the Gang of 8 was present.

Ranchers in southern Arizona say that where the high metal border fence has been constructed that it has effectively deterred illegals from crossing.  However, well-worn paths are found at the ends of the border fences where the illegals simply walk right into our country.  In one way the fence works, but under current conditions where the fence ends, the flood of illegals continues.

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Opponents of the border fence claim that it is too costly for the amount of fence needed and that some areas are quite rugged, making construction difficult and more expensive.  They go on to say that illegals will find ways to scale the fence or tunnel under it and that in the long run, it won’t work.

Yet, border fencing is working quite well along the Israel-Egyptian border.  Israel, like the US was facing a growing problem of illegal aliens crossing into their country along with terrorists.  Like the US, their fence is not quite finished, but where it does stand, it have been exceptionally effective in stemmed the flow of illegals and terrorists.

So far, they have spent $317 million on their border fence.  The efforts have been stepped up since the 2011 uprising in Egypt and the conflict in Syria.  There has been a sizeable increase in unrest in the Sinai over the past couple of years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated:

“[Every day that passes] underscores how correct and how important the decision was to build the fence in the south.  You must remember that this fence is equipped with very advanced means … to protect the State of Israel against the double threat of illegal migration and terrorism from Sinai.”

“In practice, nobody has entered and the few who have arrived did not reach Israel’s cities.  The fence has completely stopped illegal migration to Israel, but it also has an additional function – namely counterterrorism.”

By advanced means, Netanyahu is referring to their border fence being equipped with cameras, motion sensors and an increase in security patrols.   Israel’s actions prove that border fencing does work and helps make their country safe from terrorist attacks, which is a daily concern for them.

So can’t the US learn from one of our few Middle East allies?  You know why?  As long as there is a steady stream of illegals crossing the border and Obama continues to give them more benefits than what we receive for being citizens, he is increasing the Democratic voter base.  The whole purpose of the immigration reform bill is to add 11 million voters to the Democratic Party and nothing more.

I urge Congress to complete the construction of a border fence between the US and Mexico.   Equip it with cameras that have infrared and night vision capabilities and above ground and seismic motion sensors.  I would even entertain the possibility of having sections of fence electrically charged enough to stun, not kill anyone trying to scale it.  When motion sensors and cameras detect attempts to cross over the fence, a switch could be thrown that would send a stunning jolt of electricity to that section of fence, effectively repelling the invaders.  Once word gets out about the fence being electrically charged, fewer attempts will be made to climb over it.

I would also like to see our military troops brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan and station them in strategic places along the border.  After all, isn’t the purpose of our military to protect the American people?  How better to carry out that duty than to defend our borders?

Not only would this help decrease the influx of illegals and some would be terrorists, it would also put a big crimp in the flow of illegal drugs entering our country.  Tons of illegal drugs cross the southern border on a regular basis.  Secure border fencing would definitely slow down that flow.

As long as Obama and his liberal Democrats are in office and we have turncoat Republicans like Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, we’ll never have secure borders!

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