Border Patrol Finds Abandoned Crying Three Year Old Boy At Border

Border Patrol found an abandoned crying 3-year-old boy left in a cornfield with his name and phone number written on his shoes.

According to officials: Agents have taken the 3-year-old boy to a U.S. border station and are trying to find his parents using the number written on his shoes.

The kid was obviously being used as a ticket into the US. The scumbags got scared and they just ran leaving the traumatized child behind.

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WASHINGTON — U.S. Border Patrol agents found a 3-year-old migrant alone in a cornfield at the border between Mexico and Texas on Tuesday morning, according to Customs and Border Protection officials.

The boy, who was in distress and crying when agents found him in the Rio Grande Valley near Brownsville, Texas, was identified only by a phone number and his name written on his shoes, the officials said.

The agents have taken the boy to a U.S. border station and are attempting to find his parents using the number on his shoes, the officials said. So far, they have been unsuccessful and are in the process of transferring the boy to the care of Health and Human Services. More

Don’t call the number. This child has obviously been abused. Let children’s services take care of him. This family does not need another little paycheck because they should be charged with child abuse just for bringing him plus another charge for abandoning him.

This is so sad. There’s no telling how long he was out there all alone abandoned crying in a strange place. Poor little guy, I can only imagine the trauma this has caused him.

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