Border Patrol Robots That Can Shoot

The United States is not the only country with a border problem.  Israel also has a problem with their border, but theirs has to do with neighbors who want nothing more than to annihilate them off the face of the earth.

Israel’s borders with Egypt, Lebanon and especially the Gaza Strip are the most dangerous.  The intruders across these borders are not after Israeli jobs or their way of life like those crossing the US border from Mexico.  Their intruders are terrorists who want to kill them and blow them up.  Instead of Mexican drug cartels, they are dealing with Hamas and Hezbollah.

The terrorists often watch their border patrol to learn their habits and routines.  They use that information to kill the border patrol and infiltrate the nation.

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In an effort to help secure their borders while also protecting their border patrol agents, the Israeli Army Engineering Corps are developing robots to use for patrolling the borders.  Working with various private companies, they are creating robots that will have the ability to detect anyone crossing the border and if necessary to shoot at them.  They will be controlled by someone back at a command station who will be able to monitor the robot.

As I was reading about them, I couldn’t help but wonder if the US could use the same type of robots to patrol our borders.  Instead of placing good men like Brian Terry along the US/Mexican border to be slain with weapons our government provided to our enemies, we should use robots instead.  If the robots are equipped with motion sensors, infrared heat detection and ways to stun, detain and/or shoot if necessary, they could be more effective than human agents.  They could patrol our borders day or night, rain or shine.

If word got out that we had robots patrolling our borders with instructions to detain or shoot intruders, I strongly suspect the number of people trying to enter our country illegally would drastically drop.  That would also lead to more jobs for Americans and fewer government dollars being wasted on illegals.


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