Bordering on Death: ISIS, Ebola Feared in United States

When it comes to America’s porous southern border, what you don’t know can kill you.

As many law and health officials have pointed out, there are virtually no controls on the border thanks to President Obama’s policies and public presentations encouraging illegal immigration. The problem has only been exacerbated by the Administration’s practice of busing illegal immigrants to inland cities and dispersing them with little more than a notice to appear at some point in a courtroom.

As recently as a few weeks ago, naysayers have decried worries about exotic illnesses or terrorism being brought across our border as just so much ill-informed fearmongering. Pro-amnesty forces have deployed the “debunkers” and persuaded to mainstream media to run numerous articles saying there is no health threat from illegal border crossings. The CDC’s ongoing emergency measures and the testimony of people on the ground treating the sick say otherwise, however.

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There’s clearly an effort afoot to lie to members of the American public and keep them complacent as President Obama works on his big amnesty plans. The Miami Herald even claimed that out of the hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossings since October there has only been one case of flu. One. Even if those immigrants were coming from places with top-notch health care, that would be statistically nearly impossible. At Port Hueneme, just one of the Administration’s dumping places for illegals, there were several cases of flu, tuberculosis and other diseases initially reported among some 500 immigrants, but which were later downgraded then finally denied by public information contacts.

An article in the Washington Post, by the same author as the Miami Herald article, stated in the headline that there is no health crisis from the border.

Tell it to the Department of Homeland Security, which issued a report early this month that said illegal immigrants have exposed government agents to a host of illnesses and infections, including swine flu, chicken pox and tuberculosis. Tell it to the Border Patrol agents who have been hospitalized or placed on leave due to their contact with illegal aliens.

While many doctors are on board the “calm down” train, they nonetheless remain on alert because the simple fact is that an outbreak of ebola or some other deadly illness is only an airplane ride or boat trip across the Rio Grande away.

Since July 27, the Centers for Disease Control has responded to requests for assistance with suspected cases of ebola in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

According to ABC News, the CDC was contacted in 68 cases. In 58, doctors were able to rule out ebola without blood tests. In 10, blood tests were ordered. Seven as of Thursday had returned negative. Patients in California and New Mexico were awaiting results.

The American medical personnel who had contracted ebola in West Africa have now reportedly recovered and been released from the Atlanta hospital that treated them.

Disease isn’t the only threat coming across the border.

As with the health threat from illegal immigration, the Administration is trying to keep a lid on the threat posed by Islamist radicals, including members of ISIS, coming across the border.

Agents working on the border have found numerous clues that Islamists have been entering the country, including prayer rugs and Qurans dropped in the desert. Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said on CBS that “if an ISIS member showed up in a mall in the United States tomorrow with an AK-47 and killed a number of Americans I would not be surprised.”

He added that ISIS forces in the U.S. may represent a “9/11-style threat.”

According to Reuters, U.S. officials believe ISIS may dwarf the former threat from al-Qaida. “They are an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it’s in Iraq or anywhere else,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a press conference.

Just days after ISIS posted an Internet video in which they beheaded an American journalist and threatened to drown America in blood, Hagel said, “They are beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of … military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded. This is beyond anything we’ve seen.”

Just don’t say they’re over here. …

As President Obama plans to make a unilateral and illegal declaration removing the legal threat for people who don’t belong in this country, the Administration’s official line is don’t worry, be happy.

And rest assured when that doesn’t work, it will somehow be George Bush’s fault.

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