Boy Scouts’ Leader Says It’s Time to Go ‘Gay’

Scratch “morally straight.”

And while you’re at it, you can cross off “reverent” and “trustworthy.”

Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates is urging his organization to throw in the towel and allow homosexual adults to participate.

“The status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained,” Gates said at the organization’s annual meeting.

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Gates was the former secretary of defense, a man who contributed to our country’s foreign policy under Presidents Bush and Obama.

Obviously, his track record of success is in danger of continuing.

The homosexual rights crowd for years has been after the Boy Scouts like, well, a group of homosexuals chasing after a group of young boys.

Gates’ call for surrender made no reference to the Supreme Court ruling some 15 years ago that the Boy Scouts are a private organization and entitled to set guidelines for the moral fitness of its members.

Inch by inch and seat by seat, the board governing the Boy Scouts has given in to the homosexual agenda as pro-queer members have joined the executive board and moved the group away from its traditional stance of teaching belief in God and moral values to boys.

The Girl Scouts, which is not a related organization but began as a similar idea for girls, has long ago given in to the liberal agenda and made headlines this week with its embracing of transgenderism.

The Boy Scouts, however, had stood strong until recent years. For more than a century, Scouting had taught growing boys the lessons and skills they needed to become men, through everything from camping skills to leadership and science.

The core of that training was always the positive values embodied in things like the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

Homosexuals and atheists were not allowed, at least not openly, because the Scouts’ adult members and older teens were expected to be moral role models for the younger.

Gates’ word is not the final decision of the executive board or the advisory council, but if the Scouts’ president is leading the homosexual charge, it won’t be long before homosexual scoutmasters are spending weekends alone in the woods with pubescent boys, and homosexual boys will be flirting openly with other troop members.

Liberals may think that’s all fine, but I think most caring parents wouldn’t want their boys exposed to that sort of perverted environment, especially in an organization that will no doubt continue to hypocritically tout its morality.

There is an alternative in the Christian-founded Trail Life USA, though I’m not sure how that group handles non-Christians. One nice thing about the Boy Scouts was always their commitment to actual diversity, not the liberal party-line variety.

But unless there’s a change of leadership, and quickly, the Boy Scouts can be written off as yet another traditional institution destroyed by the Left.

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