Brace for Impact! Feds Designing Health Insurance for Everyone

If history repeats itself, the American people are screwed! 

Nine times out of ten, whenever the federal government creates a program or policy that affects the general population, they make it far more complicated than it needs to be and the results are worse than the situation was to start with.  And they haven’t given any indication that they are about to deviate from the norm, so brace yourselves for the impact of a federally designed health insurance package that is sure hit us hard like a massive hurricane.

The government used the Institute for Medicine, a supposedly independent group of experts to draw up the initial framework of what they believe the Obama administration should shove down our throats as the new and improve federal health care insurance program.

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I was curious about the independent status of the Institute for Medicine and this is what I found.  In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed a Congressional charter which formed the National Academy of Sciences.  Their mission was to “investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science.”

Since 1863, the National Academy of Sciences has expanded and added the National Research Council in 1916, the National Academy of Engineering in 1964 and the Institute of Medicine in 1970.  Today, they are collectively known as the National Academies.

This got me more curious about where their funding comes from, but you and I both know that no matter how independent you claim to be, you don’t bite that hand that feeds you or it just might stop feeding in the future.  According to the National Academies webpage:

“The NAS, NAE, IOM, and Research Council do not receive direct appropriations from the federal government, although many of our activities are mandated and funded by Congress and federal agencies. Our work extends well beyond fulfilling federal government requests, however. Foundations, state governments, the private sector, and philanthropy from individuals enable us to address critical issues on behalf of the nation.”

Now this is one of the first clues as to how messed up the new federal health insurance is going to be.  Note they say they “do not receive direct appropriations from the federal government,” yet immediately after the comma they counter that statement with “although many of our activities are mandated and funded by Congress and federal agencies.”

So if I read this right, they do not directly receive funds from the feds but are mandated by them and funded by federal agencies.  This is typical government doubletalk trying to confuse and hide what they don’t want you to know and don’t think you’ll understand.

I also know how independent medical advisory boards operate.  When I had health insurance with a former employer, part of our coverage included 24 (later cut to 20) chiropractic visits per year.  I have extensive neck and back injuries and my spine specialists had given me written orders to use a chiropractor to help alleviate the many pinched nerves and muscles spasms I experience.  However, the beloved insurance carrier used a so-called independent panel of medical experts to determine if my visits to the chiropractor were justified or not.  If they determined that it was not justified, they denied coverage.  Thirteen of my first fifteen visits were denied, even though my policy said I had 24(20) covered visit.  On each and every denied visit, I had to send in copies of my MRI reports, the spine doctor’s orders for chiropractic care and my chiropractor had to send in a statement explaining the reason for my visit and what treatment was performed.  And this totally independent agency still rejected half of my visits.

I have talked to others that have experienced similar dealings with independent review agencies.  How independent are they when your insurance provider contracts and pays them to review each case to determine if the insurance provider is going to have pay or not?  If the independent agency recommended payment of too many, they lose the contract with the provider, hence they have to deny a high number of cases in order to keep their contact.  Now that’s independent, isn’t it!

So you can bet that this independent agency that isn’t directly funded by the feds but is mandated by them and funded by them anyway, isn’t going to design a health insurance program that will be affordable AND give adequate coverage to the average American citizen.  And if you think they will, then I’ve got a bridge and few others landmarks to sell you.

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