Brace for Impact: Amnesty, Ferguson Announcements Going Back-to-Back

Planned or unplanned?

The grand jury decision in the Ferguson, Missouri, death of a black teen at the hands of a white police officer is expected Friday.

Tonight, the night before, President Obama is expected to announce amnesty for at least 5 million illegal aliens who are not supposed to be in this country and who obviously have little or no intention of following the law themselves.

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In making that announcement, Obama will be breaking the law he swore an oath to uphold — the Constitution.

In the case of the Ferguson decision, officials in Missouri and indeed around the country are afraid that mobs of angry African-Americans will break the law and begin rioting through major cities.

The reason they fear that is because outside activists, including communists and other Occupy Wall Street types have been trucked into Ferguson over the past months to ensure that things stay good and stirred up.

Rather than tossing the real troublemakers behind bars, law enforcement and Homeland Security officials have opted for barely-secret buildups of military force outside Ferguson and in places like New York.

Perhaps it’s just my suspicious mind, but two powder-keg decisions within hours of each other just strikes me as a wee bit strange, though I can’t put my finger on the exact plan.

The amnesty announcement is apt to stir up conservative anger. Conservatives are slow to go out and march, though, so any demonstrations will likely be victory marches by illegals, their supporters and the radical leftists who have been using them as pieces in their board game.

Ferguson, on the other hand, is primed for violence. The authorities expect it and in some sense seem to be coaxing it. The drips and drabs of information regarding the planned response seem to scream overkill.

You can never be sure what will happen till it does happen, but what’s going to happen this weekend doesn’t sound good.

The self-proclaimed uniter in the White House seems primed to cut this nation into pieces, and he’d have to be a complete idiot not to understand that.

A lawless president plans to break the nation’s fundamental laws and risk conservative wrath in order to “help” criminals who have invaded from foreign lands. On the other hand, the Administration has built up a challenging law enforcement situation into a potentially deadly date with chaos.

What’s clear is that this weekend risks being a national carnival of disorder and crime.

What’s not clear is how this benefits Obama, and what is the larger game plan?

Is Obama looking for that long-awaited chance to declare martial law and make use of those billions of rounds of ammo his Administration has bought up?

Or is this somehow a plan to pull a fast one and blame conservatives for racial violence, from Ferguson to the border?

A lot of people will be travelling this weekend, too, since it’s the beginning of the Thanksgiving week.

If you don’t need to travel, this might actually be a good weekend to stay home, clean your rifle and hold your loved ones close.

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