Bradley Manning: US Traitor’s Actions Due To His Being Gay & Mainstream Media Hid It

In 2007, Bradley Manning joined the US Army.  In May of 2010, Manning was arrested in Iraq for suspicion of passing thousands of pages of classified information to the people at WikiLeaks.  He was charged with 22 crimes, the most severe being aiding the enemy.

Last month, Manning was found guilty on most of the charges but was surprisingly acquitted of the aiding the enemy charge.  He is now facing over 150 years in military prison, where the chances of parole or early release are less likely than in other prisons.

Some news stories blamed his actions on his broken home and parents moving to Wales and all sorts of things.  But I believe there is another side of Manning that could have played a part in his reasoning that led to his crimes, but you’ll never hear it in any of the mainstream media articles about him.

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Bradley Manning is gay.  When he enlisted in the Army, the military was still operating under the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy.  Homosexuality by itself does not a traitor make, but it did play a vital role in making Manning who he is.

While stationed at Ft. Drum in upstate New York, Manning attended a rally in Syracuse, New York protesting against California’s Proposition 8.  At the rally, Manning was interviewed by a high school senior, Phim Her for news website.  Manning told her that the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy was the worst part of being in the military. He went on to say:

“I was kicked out of my home, and I once lost my job [because I am gay].  The world is not moving fast enough for us at home, work, or the battlefield.  I’ve been living a double life.”

After the rally, Manning’s Facebook page was busy with his gay rights activism.  He posted quite a bit about his new boyfriend, Tyler until just before he shipped out to Iraq in October 2009.  In November of 2009, he posted that he felt betrayed when the gay marriage issue was defeated in Maine.

It was during this time that Manning began passing classified documents to WikiLeaks.  According to records, Manning began passing the documents in November 2009 and continued until he was arrested in May 2010.

From reading his Facebook posts and his interview, one does not have to be a trained psychologist to realize that Manning’s homosexuality and gay rights activism played an important role in his life.  He was bitter with the military because of their policy at the time on homosexuals serving.  He was upset about the passing of Proposition 8 in California and he said he felt betrayed when same-marriage failed at the polls in Maine at the time.  Manning’s homosexuality led him to believe that he was betrayed by the military and his country for not openly accepting what he was.  This had to play a large part in his decision to betray his country.

Yet, from the time of his arrest in May 2010 to his conviction a week ago, only 8 of the 125 news stories that appeared on ABC, CBS and NBC dared mention that Manning was a homosexual.  They completely hid that information from the public and along with any suggestion that it played a role in his traitorous actions.  According to a report from the Media Research Center, the last report from any of the three networks to mention Manning’s homosexuality was 18 months ago in Dec. 2011 on CBS’s This Morning.

Matt Philbin, Managing Editor of the Culture and Media Institute, which is part of the Media Research Center, also points out that Manning’s homosexuality played a crucial role in his decision to turn over the classified documents.  He said:

“They don’t want his homosexuality to be linked to his activities as a traitor.  But the problem is that his homosexuality is essential to his defense.”

“His defense attorneys made the case that part of his problem was that he was a ‘gay soldier’ living in an environment [before] the end of don’t ask, don’t tell in which everyone was hostile to homosexuals.  That, they gave, is one of the reasons for his need to leak these secrets.”

“Imagine if Bradley Manning had committed some act of bravery and was in line to get a medal. Do you think they’d be silent about his sexuality then? I don’t think so.  This is about what is better for their narrative.”

I’d go one further and venture to say that had Manning being a Christian activist or pro-marriage activist, that all of the mainstream media would have made sure that the whole world knew it.  Just remember this when you listen to or read anything from the mainstream media about gay rights or about Christians.  They are extremely biased and will alter any story as much as they feel necessary to promote their liberal agenda.

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