Brave Student Jumps Gunman, But He Shouldn’t Have Had to

Another week, another campus shooting, this one at Seattle Pacific University, but with a twist.

This gunman was taken down by a brave student who risked his life while the gunman was reloading the shotgun he had chosen for his murder spree.

Police on Thursday afternoon arrested 26-year-old Aaron R. Ybarra in the incident that left one student dead and two others seriously injured.

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The hero of the hour was Jon Meis, a 22-year-old engineering student and building monitor at Otto Miller Hall, where the shootings took place.

According to witnesses, Meis pepper sprayed Ybarra and wrestled him to the ground. Other students reportedly then helped restrain the shooter.

Although police officials are still playing cagey with names and details, the information available at this writing seems to indicate that Meis was slightly injured during the fight. Police just said that one man was treated for injuries and released.

Like all such shootings at “gun-free zones,” there are lessons to be learned.

Although police are still sitting on information at this point, it is known the killer used a shotgun, so unless he stole it, it is likely that, once again, a would-be mass murderer was not stopped by all the gun laws that are in place and was able to obtain his weapon of choice legally.

It’s a smart bet that the suspect had some sort of long-term mental health issues. If past shootings are any indicator, there’s a good likelihood that he was taking any one of dozens of prescription treatments. That neighbors will likely describe him as a quiet loner but a little strange is almost a punch line at this point.

What we know for certain is the university campus had trained its students for such an event. (Almost as if they were predictable, huh?) Like obedient victims, students and campus staff “sheltered in place” and waited for the killing to stop.

If all of them had done so, there certainly would have been many more dead. By all accounts, Ybarra was reloading and had plenty of ammunition with him.

But then there was Meis, who attacked with a can of pepper spray. It was certainly brave and laudatory, but it was also foolish and could have been fatal. Pepper spray doesn’t affect everyone the same way. The killer could have averted his eyes. He also could have stabbed Meis with the knife police later found he was carrying. He could have gotten the upper hand and shot Meis point blank.

All of those maybes don’t mean that Meis should have run and hid like everyone else. He did the right thing, but we have to recognize he did it at great personal risk.

We also have to recognize that Meis’ personal risk could have been reduced greatly if he had been carrying a gun — if he had been allowed to carry a gun. A gun also might have allowed Meis to intervene sooner because he wouldn’t have had to close the distance between himself and the shooter.

People like Meis are important. We used to have a country full of them, folks who were willing to step up and do their duty to protect their communities.

Why are liberals hell-bent on making people like him into victims? Why won’t they let Americans defend themselves when it’s clear that it’s not within the ability of police to do so? Why do liberals hate and mistrust their fellow Americans so?

Time and again, gun control laws have shown that they only result in death, injury and mayhem. To turn a favorite complaint back on them, when will liberals listen to common sense and stop the insanity?

It’s time to re-arm America.

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