Breaking and Entering and Grand Theft – Do You Support These Crimes?

If someone broke into your home and stole from you, would you be supportive of what they did? Would you consider that person to be an innocent victim of your well being? Would you openly invite them to continue to live in your home, eat your food, spend your money and continue to steal from you?

Of course not! You would want that person arrested and sent to jail.

But what would you do if the federal government told you that you could not evict them from your home. Instead, they ordered you to continue to house and feed them, and to pay for their medical coverage, education, and they did not have to do anything to pay you back?

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Now what is the difference of this and what is happening with the treatment of illegal immigrants here in the US?

They are illegally breaking into and entering our country. They are guilty of grand theft by taking thousands of dollars worth of benefits that are being paid for by US taxpayers. When legal responsible citizens complain to the government to do something about these crimes, instead of taking action and arresting these criminals, our federal government is saying that they will allow them to stay and that we tax payers have to continue to pay for their support and medical care.

The impact of these border crossing criminals goes farther than most people realize. Smaller towns within 100 miles of the US – Mexico border are being devastated by the influx of illegals. Many have lost their local hospitals and emergency care centers that had to close their doors because they could not afford to continue to provide so much free medical care to hundreds of illegals. Residents of these communities no longer have access to hospital or emergency care without having to travel great distances to larger cities.

Many nice family friendly neighborhoods have gone to trash when 10-30 illegals would move into a single home. First their home would be trashed, and then they would trash those around them. Burglaries, home invasions and personal crimes rise, driving property values down by thousands of dollars. Responsible citizens who want a descent and safe place to raise their families are forced to sell at the lower values and move.

Many high school and college students find it extremely difficult to find any kind of descent job to help pay for their education because so many businesses hire illegals at lower wages and pay them cash. By paying cash, the employer writes the cost off as some kind of business expense and avoids paying any federal, state or local employment taxes. The illegal workers getting paid cash also pay no taxes to help pay for all of the benefits they receive.

Many public school students become victims of physical assaults by the growing number of illegals in the school system. The schools are forced into printing and providing everything in English and Spanish. This adds a tremendous expense into already suffering education budgets. City, county and state governments also have to print everything in two languages at taxpayer expense.

Many of the problems experienced along the southern border have been spreading throughout every state in the US. The spread of this problem and the effects it has on people and communities is no different than a pandemic outbreak of some like the plague. And like many plagues, if it is not successfully treated and stopped, it will kill and destroy the host organism. In this case, the host organism is the United States.

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