Brexit Prompts U.K. Elected Officials to Go Independent

By Robert Jonathan

Brexit Update: Under British law, the United Kingdom is scheduled to officially leave (or exit) the European Union on March 29. Because of opposition to her Brexit withdrawal agreement on both sides of the aisle for different reasons, there are rumblings that Prime Minister Theresa May could seek to extend the two-year, Article 50 deadline instead of splitting with no deal. All this is occurring despite May’s Conservative Party promising to implement Brexit on schedule.

Against this backdrop, seven pro-EU Labor Party members of parliament bolted the party to form The Independent Group [TIG] because Labor has gone hard-left under its leader Jeremy Corbyn and harbors anti-Semites.

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It’s difficult see how they define themselves as centrists, though, in that they want to keep the UK under the thumb of EU bureaucrats.

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They were later joined by three Conservatives who similarly oppose leaving the EU with no deal. Two additional Labor MP subsequently quit the party in protest over rampant anti-Semitism. Both reportedly declined to join TIG, one because he is pro-Brexit.

The Democrats, the U.S. equivalent to the U.’s socialist-friendly Labor Party, have also increasingly become anti-Israel (which is merely a proxy for hatred of Jews), including electing at least two fanatical anti-Semites to the U.S. Congress in the November 2018 elections.

Parenthetically, though like every country on earth, Israel has issues, the staunch U.S. ally is the only multi-cultural democracy in the Middle East which grants equal rights to all its citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or religious faith (or lack thereof).


Are the Independents Really Independent?

While TIG breakaway club backs a second Brexit referendum, the so-called people’s vote, they all have declined to step down in favor of a special election to give the people in their constituencies a vote to approve or disapprove their new independent status. Moreover, the UK already has a low-energy, pro-EU party known as the Liberal Democrats.

After hedging, Corbyn is now pushing for a new referendum with a soft Brexit as the end game as well as a parliamentary amendment to short-circuit a no-deal Brexit, perhaps in direct response to the TIGer defections.

From the Guido Fawkes political blog:

“The wording on a second referendum still gives Corbyn some wriggle room – it doesn’t commit him to supporting any specific amendment or proposal. Corbyn may yet be making the calculation that a vague commitment to a second referendum is enough to prevent more Europhile Labor MPs from jumping ship for the time being, while gambling that enough of his own MPs will rebel or a softer Brexit deal will be forced through the Commons before he actually has to come good on his commitment.”

Although in their press conference last week in which they declared their independence from their former ideological home, the TIG alliance appropriately concluded that the far-left, racist Labor Party can’t be reformed, yet they apparently think that the entrenched EU can.

In the June 23, 2016, Brexit referendum, the British public voted to leave or exit the European Union and reclaim the country’s sovereignty, including control over its borders and over trade.

Does Brexit Still Mean Brexit?

A devoted globalist, Theresa May supported the Remain or stay side in the referendum. Upon taking office as prime minister, she promised that Brexit means Brexit and she would abide by the vote. She also said that no deal is better than a bad deal. May has also stated that there would be no extension beyond March 29.

There is a strong suspicion that she will flip-flop on all these promises, however. Brexit hard-liners believe a postponement is camouflage for stopping Brexit altogether.

In negotiating the political/economic divorce deal, May and her team basically caved to every EU demand, resulting in a withdrawal agreement that is Brexit in name only or soft Brexit. As a result, she has been unable sell the deal to the House of Commons, the Westminster-based parliament, or to the British public.

For different reasons, May’s lackluster and dithering bargaining approach has alienated both the Brexiteers and the Remainers (a.k.a. the Remoaners). Parliament rejected the deal on January 15 by a vote of 230 to 115.

To date, the EU has shown no willingness to agree to any concessions either.

A Bad Deal Is Still a Bad Deal

May, a Conservative in Name Only, proved to be an utterly incompetent negotiator, perhaps second only to how Obama gave away the store to Iran in the flawed nuclear deal, or how the Republicans capitulated in the most recent federal government funding measure.

Recall that most of the political and media establishment coalesced around the anti-Brexit or Remain viewpoint during the referendum season similar to how the Deep State and the U.S. media were part of Team Clinton.

Rank-and-file conservatives overwhelmingly favor Brexit (even with no deal, which would trigger existing World Trade Organization rules), however, while many working-class Labor voters, equivalent to Reagan or Trump Democrats, are also in the pro-Brexit camp.

Most Labor MPs and London-centric Labor officials are pro-EU, while the Conservative (a.k.a. Tory) hierarchy is divided. Several cabinet members have quit May’s inner circle over Brexit (although still retaining their seats in Commons). Three additional Remainers are threatening to do so unless the PM blocks a no-deal scenario.

From Big League Politics:

“As the March 29th Brexit departure date fast approaches, a ‘no deal’ Brexit appears to be on the horizon. This has made many Tories unhappy given their hopes for a negotiated Brexit, but members of the Democratic Unionist Party and European Research Group are content with what looks like an inevitable hard Brexit…What’s at stake in carrying out Brexit is national identity. The globalist smorgasbord of policies that the EU has foisted upon the UK is dangerous both culturally and politically…Should it continue along this path, the country will be become another globalist automaton for elites in Brussels to exploit.”

The DUP is a small party that is keeping Theresa May in power after Conservatives under her leadership, if you call it that, lost seats in the June 2017 snap election. The ERG consists of back-bench Tory MP Brexiteers led by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The elites of both parties are essentially trying to circumvent the will of the people. Sound familiar?

It will also come as no surprise that the globalist British media continues to be mostly pro-EU, pushing many doom-and-gloom fake news stories dubbed by Brexiteers and Euroskeptics as Project Fear.

Farage’s Return to Politics

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the Brexit champion who is perhaps the world’s best orator, has vowed to head a slate of candidates for the new Brexit Party in the upcoming European Parliament elections, assuming the UK is still stuck in the EU by then.


Farage currently serves as a MEP in Brussels. Presumably the populist Brexit Party will also compete vigorously in domestic elections especially if May manages to push through Brexit in Name Only. The next national vote is scheduled for 2022, unless the prime minister calls for early elections, which is permissible under a parliamentary system.

According to the London Telegraph, “Barring a monumental shift in the political landscape, the Independent Group will likely…only split the liberal vote in the UK and make it harder for a liberal party to come to power. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party have a much more clearly defined ideological space to fill.”

What’s Next for Farage?

From the Daily Mail about Farage’s potential future plans:

“Nigel Farage is plotting to steal Tories for his new Brexit Party if there is a delay on leaving the EU, it was claimed on Friday. Catherine Blaiklock – a former UKIP candidate who is heading the party – threatened they would scalp senior Tories if the Westminster deadlock rumbles on.

“Mr Farage formed his Brexit Party to hang like a sword of Damocles over Theresa May, only ‘kicking in’ if she failed to leave the EU by March 29.

“The party – which officially launched earlier this month – said they would launch hundreds of candidates if the PM failed to deliver…

“Mr Farage formed the new group after he was left politically homeless, withdrawing from the UKIP party as the new leadership courted the far-right.

“He boasted of a huge appetite for his pro-Brexit party, claiming more than 15,000 had registered to join on the day of its formation. Ms Blaiklock claimed those numbers had now soared to over 150,000 and donations were pouring in from far and wide. “

The TIG cohort has yet to officially form a political party, but on his LBC radio show Sunday morning (see clip below), Nigel Farage and various long-winded callers discussed how it’s difficult for a third-party to challenge the electoral domination of Labor and the Tories.

The Brexit Party, however, could change the paradigm.


UKIP Falls on Hard Times

As alluded to above, Farage bolted his beloved UKIP in December 2018 after it aligned itself with controversial activist Tommy Robinson. Other UKIP luminaries have also quit the party before and after this development.

UKIP found it itself embroiled in intra-party volatility since the charismatic Farage stepped down after the Brexit referendum. It has churned through several leaders and saw its market share collapse.


After winning the 2014 European parliamentary elections in 2014 (a stunning, unprecedented result for a third party), and gaining four million votes in the 2015 national election, UKIP appeared to be on the rise, but saw its vote total drop to just 600,000 in the 2017 snap election.

Several high-profile UKIP elected officials, such as Steven Woolfe, and various lower-level lawmakers switched parties or gone independent in the past few years amidst various controversies. UKIP holds no seats in the British parliament, (previously it had two) and suffered many losses in local elections, along with rank-and-file members bailing out.


While UKIP may be due for a bounce back to some extent, it seems like Farage’s Brexit Party will now occupy that political space.


Back in the day, the growing strength of UKIP under Farage compelled ex-Prime Minister David Cameron to authorize the Brexit referendum in the first place.

UKIP Online

Election Night 2016 constitutes the most enjoyable political entertainment on YouTube. That said, in its heyday, Farage and other UKIP officials expertly debated smug liberal media interlocutors, EU politicians, as well as Labor and Tory officials, on British TV. Those clips can be also be found on YouTube. Farage is a fixture in British media as well as a regular commentator on Fox News, where he described the EU as “the epicenter of the globalist project” and May’s initial agreement as the “worst deal in history.”

One thing that UKIP had going for it, before it seemingly imploded, is that in general, it seldom got bogged down in social issues.


Tone-deaf Theresa May appears to be indeed flip-flopping, setting the stage for Labor and Conservative globalists in parliament, as well as some backpedaling pro-Brexit Tories, to thwart a clean Brexit, thus selling out the British people.

The aptly named May seems intent on giving up her biggest bargaining trip with the EU, that being a no-deal Brexit, which would trigger World Trade Organization rules.

From Westmonster about Britain’s out-of-touch “Remoaner” prime minister:

“Theresa May has…announced that if MPs reject her deal, they will get the chance to block a No Deal Brexit and then vote for an extension of Article 50.

“It is the latest disgraceful development as Remainer MPs do their best to delay and stop Brexit completely. MPs will vote on May’s deal by 12th March. If they reject that, a vote on No Deal follows and if that is rejected, MPs then vote on whether to vote to delay Brexit.

“The PM said that No Deal would now require the ‘explicit consent for that outcome.’ What happened to the UK leaving on 29th March and No Deal better being than a bad deal?
“This is a total establishment stitch-up that is a disgrace to the historic, democratic vote of 17.4 million Brits in 2016.”

Writing in the London Telegraph, former UKIP leader and Brexit architect Nigel Farage wasn’t having it.
“Theresa May’s endless assertions that she will deliver the Brexit the people voted for is beginning to look as if it was a deceit from the start. Article 50, which parliament backed overwhelmingly, states that the UK will leave the EU on March 29 with or without a deal…
“The only way Brexit can now be delivered, and faith kept in our democratic system, is to leave on March 29 on WTO terms. If we apply to the WTO, and Article 24 of the GATT Treaty is used with both the consent of us and the EU, we would have a minimum of two years with no tariffs and quotas during which a trade deal could be concluded. More importantly, we would be outside the EU, the single market and the customs union. If May holds her nerve and keeps the current legislation in place, we will leave on the due date. She still has a chance to be a national heroine, albeit a slim one.
“Another possibility is that the government and parliament are stupid enough to request a very short extension of Article 50 which is vetoed at the EU Summit on March 21. By then, time would have run out, there would be no other alternative.
“Those of us who want Britain to be an independent country again must accept that Westminster’s politicians are about to betray us. But we can beat them and win this great prize if we are prepared to stand up and fight.”
Farage also noted that five million Labor-supporting voters in the June 2017 general election also voted for Brexit in 2016, not Brexit in Name Only, suggesting that as bad as the Conservatives have conducted themselves, pro-EU Labor is doomed in the next general election.
Nigel Farage discussed the latest Brexit development on his LBC radio show today.

Check back with Godfather Politics for the latest Brexit developments and power plays.

A registered independent, Robert Jonathan is a longtime writer/editor for viral news aggregation websites with a focus on politics and other trending topics. He earned a Juris Doctorate degree from “a law school the basketball teams can be proud of.”

Follow Robert Jonathan on Twitter @newseditor2010.

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