British Elections Paint Grim Future for Hillary’s 2016 Aspirations

Ever since the Bible, God and Jesus had been removed from our schools and government, liberalism is beginning to spread through America like a plague. In 1992, the plague elected Bill Clinton to be president. Clinton’s liberal politics not only spread through the land but it spread overseas as well.

Tony Blair, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom listened to many of Bill Clinton’s liberal ideologies. England had long been ahead of the US in their liberal evolution, but under Clinton’s influence, Blair and his New Labor Party turned further to the left.

Over the past twenty years it seemed as though the United Kingdom was well on the pathway to total liberalism, just like America appeared to be doing in 2008. After 2 years of total liberal domination, the American people began to realize exactly what the Democrats were doing. In 2010 the American people began to rebel against the Democratic liberal empire, turning control of the House over to the supposedly more conservative Republican Party.

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Then after 4 more years of Democrats forcing Republicans into submission, the American people took the Senate and handed control of it over to the Republicans. Current polls indicate that Hillary Clinton is the favorite for 2016, but polls are tenuous at best.

Polls in the United Kingdom indicated that the liberal Labor Party was about to be re-elected as the party of power, but last week’s elections told a different story. After the votes were counted, the conservatives gained 26 seats away from the liberal Labor Party which was enough to give them a majority control.

Ironically, a year ago, extremely liberal New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told Ed Miliband, leader of the UK’s Labor Party that he is on the right side of history and that income inequality was ‘the issue of our time throughout the globe.’ Yet Miliband resigned his position after his liberal party lost the election.

Not only did conservatives gain strength in our 2014 midterm election and the recent voting in the United Kingdom, but the same trend has been seen in elections from Australia, to Canada and India.  It seems that de Blasio was wrong and that conservatism is the growing issue of our time and if that’s so, then the trends being seen overseas are painting a grim future for Hillary Clinton and her ultra-liberal aspirations.


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