British Soldiers Protecting Lebanese Christian Village While Obama Won’t

Ras Baalbek is a small village in the northern part of Lebanon in an area known as the Beqaa Valley, near the Syrian border. At an elevation of around 3,000, the population of Ras Baalbek is around 5,000, most of which are Christians.

When Muslim militants escalated their attacks on Christians in the Middle East, Najib Mikati, former Lebanese Prime Minister, appealed for help to British Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron responded by saying that the British and Lebanese were strong allies and that they would help them.

According to

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“A secret British military squad built twelve watch towers around the Christian village of Ras Baalbek, and the towers have terrified ISIS from massacring and conquering the village.”

“The first towers were built to the north of the country and now dot halfway down the eastern border.”

“Carefully sited, they create ‘overlapping arcs’ of sight. ‘You can’t imagine what it was like when we got out here first,’ says one former officer. ‘There were a few guys behind some tyres filled with rocks with a 50 cal [machine gun].’”

“‘You have to start security somewhere,’ explains a former British officer. ‘We are not building the Maginot line. People are scared. They’ve all seen the decapitations on YouTube. They know what Isil want to do.’”

“Faris Mansour, a 76-year-old Christian from Ras Baalbek, said that the villagers were grateful for the British watchtowers. ‘During the time of the crisis, the watchtowers helped to protect us,’ he said.”

“‘We were concerned about what was happening in Iraq and Syria. We were watching the news all the time, and we thought the violence would happen here,’ he said.”

“‘To understand this area, you need to understand that the border between Syria and Lebanon is a relatively new concept,’ said one of the British Training and Advisory Team. ‘This was a no-man’s land for decades.’”

In many ways, the United Kingdom is less Christian these days than the United States is. They seem to be about 20-30 ahead of us in the decline of Christianity and church attendance. Yet, they have stepped up as a nation to help defend Christians in the Middle East when our self-proclaimed Christian leader continually refuses.

Christians in Egypt begged for help and protection from the genocide they were experiencing at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood government. Instead of helping to defend fellow Christians from being beaten, raped, tortured, burned and murdered by radical Muslims, Obama chose to provide financial and military aid to the very same Muslims. He turned his back on Egypt’s Christians and only helped their murderers. This is why some Egyptians have filed serious criminal charges against Barack Obama in the international court.

When the Boko Haram began to attack and slaughter Christians in Nigeria, they cried out for international help. Again, Obama turned a deaf ear to their cries for help. All he could manage to bring himself to do was to publicly condemn the kidnapping of over 300 Christian school girls. Only after the news of the mass kidnapping became world news did Obama speak out against the Boko Haran, but as far as anyone can tell, he did little to help them.

Christians in Syria have been asking for help for years because of the way Muslims have treated them and violated their human rights. Obama not only failed to condemn the treatment of Syria’s Christians, but he never lifted a finger in any attempt to help them. But this should not be too surprising since Obama’s brother Malik worked for an organization that had connections to Syria’s tyrannical dictatorship. Malik has often been seen wearing a Hamas scarf that supports the Islamic efforts to destroy Israel and America.

Obama has gone out of his way to condemn Christians in the military, stripping them of their constitutional rights of freedom of religion while he gives extra privileges and rights to Muslims in the military.

The earliest settlers of America fled similar persecution in their countries. They faced the fears and struggles of an unknown and hostile land in order to be able to worship the God of the Bible as they believed proper. If they saw what America has become and the way we turn our backs on persecuted Christians and give aid to the persecutors, they would weep in sorrow and agony over our heartless leadership.

It’s truly sad when a less Christian nation than America rises to the aid of Christians while America sits idly by and allows thousands of them to be brutally slaughtered by Obama’s Muslim buddies.

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