Bronx Abortion Clinic Counselor Admits to Killing Babies Born Alive

For the past couple of weeks, the number one news story that has anything to do with abortion is the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  He is being tried with the murder of one woman and 4 babies.  The babies were supposedly aborted, but when they were born alive, Gosnell is reported to have taken a scissor, inserted it into the back of the neck of the babies to cut their spinal cord, causing death to occur moments later.

Now, Live Action, a pro-life group has released a video they took inside the Dr. Emily Woman’s Health Center in the Bronx.  The counselor at the clinic describes how most abortions are carried out and slips up when she says that if a ‘pregnancy’ comes out and is moving or twitching, they just put it in a jar of toxic material to complete the termination process.

If what the counselor says is true, there is little chance for any baby to be born alive at that clinic.  To begin with, the counselor promises that the mother will never be shown a sonogram of her baby or anything to indicate that it is a human being.  Then on the first day of the procedure, the clinic inserts toxic seaweed sticks up inside the mother.  These usually kill the baby (note in the video they dehumanize the baby by referring to it as ‘the pregnancy’).  On the second day, the mother is put to sleep and the staff then uses a strong suction to rip the baby apart and suck it out of the womb piece by piece.

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I believe that not only should every woman in America seeking an abortion be shown a living sonogram of her baby so she can see its features and watch it move, but she should also be shown a video of what is about to happen to her baby.  Show them a video of their baby being torn limb from limb and watching the parts sucked out of the womb.  If they knew what they were about to do, I’m sure the number of abortions would drastically drop.

But back to the Bronx abortion clinic which clearly demonstrates that Gosnell is not alone in making sure that a live birth ends in a quick death for the child.  To the best of my understanding, this is murder in every state of the country, yet abortion doctors get away with it all time.  Gosnell is only being tried because several people’s conscience got to them and they reported what was happening.  Even then, a liberal judge threw out 3 of the murder charges against him.

How many more babies and mothers are to be sacrificed on the altar of liberalism before we finally put a stop to it?  Sadly, I suspect that God will bring His wrath down on our nation and destroy it before we are able to stop the river of innocent blood.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop trying to put an end to it and I pray that you don’t stop fighting to end abortion either.

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