Brown Clueless or Pelosi Sexist?

Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown shocked the nation when he won the Senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy.  The Democrats are still licking their wounds from this monumental loss and like any wounded animal they are lashing out at completely innocent things.

While in law school, Brown modeled to earn money to pay for his own schooling.  On at least one occasion, he modeled nude for a magazine.  Brown says he is not ashamed of his college modeling because without it, he never would have been able to pay for or finish his schooling.

Last Tuesday at a Democratic primary debate, Brown’s leading rival Elizabeth Warren found herself fielding questions about how she paid for her college education.  She responded by saying that she kept her clothes on.

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After Warren’s quip, Brown was being interviewed on a radio program and asked about Warren’s comment.  In response to her jab, Brown said, ‘thank God.’

What seemed like typical political banter between opponents has now been blown way out of proportion.  House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi immediately jumped all over Brown by claiming that his response to Warren was sexist and demonstrates that he is totally clueless and insensitive to women.

Now Massachusetts Democrats are demanding that Brown make a public apology for his sexist remark, but he is standing his ground defending his modeling background and does not believe an apology is warranted.

So what makes Brown’s quip any more sexist than Warren’s comment?  Wasn’t her remark on the same level as his?  After all, Brown was speaking solely about Warren, not women in general, so why should they all get their panties in a snit over it?

Just like people who point fingers and accuse others of being racist are generally the bigger racists themselves, Pelosi’s sexist accusations leveled at Brown really reveal her own sexist attitudes.  It also demonstrates just how desperate the Democrats are to win back the Senate seat that Brown won from them.

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