Bruce Jenner Wants to Castrate Himself on Television

So Bruce Jenner, former Male Athlete of the Year for his 1976 Olympic performance, “is transitioning to a woman,” a Jenner family confidant has told People Magazine.

First of all, duh. If you’ve caught a gander of Jenner over the past couple of years, it’s been pretty obvious where he’s going with his plastic surgery and wardrobe changes.

Second of all, eww. The man’s not just plumping his lips and putting on a girdle. He’s “transitioning.”

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What’s worse, he wants to turn his metamorphosis into a reality show.

Jenner's younger years.
Jenner’s younger years.

From what I understand, people who are so far gone as to start undergoing surgeries to make themselves look like the opposite gender have a whole range of options along the spectrum between male and female to choose from.

At the end of that spectrum for someone born a male and once viewed as a symbol of manhood is castration, literal or figurative.

It’s unclear whether Jenner will go all the way and lop off what God gave him or just settle for metaphorically castrating himself on national television.

Even if Jenner were to go so far as to have the surgery, it still wouldn’t make him a woman, just a eunuch, but the media and queer activists would do their best to make recognizing that fact punishable by death.

However it goes, it’s clear that Jenner’s emasculation began long ago.

As the patriarch of the Kardashian family, and the only one who had actually done something in his life, Jenner wasn’t even recognized in the title of the show.

Dominated by the strong, demanding women around him, Jenner was clearly not the pants wearer in the family.

A long way from the Olympics.
A long way from the Olympics.

Stories in the various gossip outlets seem to suggest that Jenner’s wife actually kept him from going overboard, but since they’ve broken up, it’s apparently all been frilly dresses and makeovers for Bruce.

Even if you can’t stand the Kardashians, you have to have some sympathy for Kris Jenner. It can’t be easy being married to a guy whose fantasy is to be just like you.

Actually, one person I feel sorry for is my former high school homeroom teacher and basketball coach, who was such a big Jenner fan in the late seventies that he even got the famous Jenner haircut. I expect his Converse shoes nowadays are stained with tears.

But the person I feel most sorry for is Jenner himself. The man is clearly mentally unstable and needs help.

Unfortunately, he lives in that celebrity world full of enablers who think it’s a real hoot to watch a senior citizen make a fool of himself and undergo potentially dangerous surgeries rather than dealing with his real issues, whatever they may be. Compounding the problem, the state of California has made it illegal to give people like Jenner psychotherapy that does anything other than encourage their sexual confusion.

As it is, everybody around Jenner is talking about how happy he is now, but anyone with common sense can see that’s not true, and putting a dress over his pain isn’t going to make it go away.

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