Budget: Round 2015: Republicans vs Obama

Over the last 6 years of Obama’s reign of terror, passing a federal budget has been a fierce battle. The one time House Republicans stood their ground, they forced Obama to institute his infamous Sequestration of 2013 that shut down part of the federal government. If you recall, Obama intentionally chose government departments and agencies to close that would have the most negative impact on the American people. Democrats placed all of the blame on the Republicans when in fact the Sequestration was Obama’s idea and used to try to blackmail Republicans into passing his budget the way he wanted it.

The last budget showdown was Harry Reid and Barack Obama versus John Boehner. Boehner tried to play the tough guy, but in the end he caved in to Reid and Obama’s demands like he has been doing since becoming Speaker of House after the 2010 midterm election. Instead of a spine of steel, Boehner’s spine is more like flexible conduit used in electrical wiring. Appears strong but easily bends under a little pressure.

Well, it’s budget time again only this time Republicans control both the House and the Senate so it’s shaping up to be Boehner and McConnell versus Obama this time. The question is who will prevail?

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The current fiscal budget ends September 30, 2015, however Congress is taking it on now as it may end up in a long drawn out battle between Republican leaders and Obama. From what I’ve been able to gather, Republicans in both the House and Senate are favoring a budget plan similar to the Murray-Ryan deal from back in 2013. The House took up a budget resolution yesterday. If the resolution passes the House and the Senate, it is not subject to Obama’s veto, however, that doesn’t mean Obama won’t fight against any aspect of the budget he doesn’t like. He’s made it known that he will not allow the implementation of any provisions that call for automatic budget cuts similar to those of his sequestration.

“Shaun Donovan, Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Obama tells Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman that the President has drawn ‘two clear, red lines.’”

“‘He’s not going to accept a budget that locks in sequestration,’ says Donovan. ‘Second, he’s not going to accept fixing the defense spending cuts without fixing the non-defense side of the budget as well.’”

Will Republicans have the fortitude and integrity to stand up for American voters and the mandates they gave them or will they eventually tuck their tails between their legs and cower away when Obama bares his teeth and growls at them?

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