Build Gun Shops as Sanctuaries Against Gun Violence

Imagine you are speaking to a friend. He claims his kids are straight ‘A’ students. The reason they are is that he has developed a system that guarantees better grades. No matter what the situation, he can better anyone’s grades.

Your logical reaction to such a claim is, “show me the proof.” Don’t just throw out these wild claims. Show me what your children’s grades were prior and what they are now. Then show me that it was your system that caused the positive change.

It seems reasonable for him to have to prove his system is a success, is it not? You wouldn’t just sign your children on without some proof, would you?

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So why is it that we don’t view gun control in the same way? There is not a shred of evidence that disarming citizens makes us safer, yet the left has been clamoring to do just that.

There are organizations like Demand, whose slogan is Demand Action to End Gun Violence.”

They want us all to “Join more than 1,000 mayors and over 1.5 million grassroots supporters to demand that Congress take action to end gun violence.”

There are self-righteous actors and actresses who cry and plead for us to “Demand a Plan” to end gun violence, many starring in action movies that kill more in the span of the movie than have been killed in all American mass shootings nationwide.  Many also have their own armed security.

Yet interestingly, none of these nimrods is “Demanding a Plan” for a city like Chicago where 80% of those murdered are black and 83% of all murders are committed with a gun.

According to new crime statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chicago has become America’s murder capital. There were 500 murders in Chicago last year (2012), the FBI said, surpassing New York City, which had 419. However, the Chicago Police have disputed that figure of 500. They claim it was more like between 506 and 532. Stupid FBI. The Feds can’t get anything right.

Yet Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel signed the petition Mayors Against Illegal Guns. How is it possible that Chicago has become murder-central? Didn’t the murderers get the memo that the mayor signed the petition? You mean that wasn’t good enough?

In September IBD reported that “Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, an avid gun-control advocate and opponent of Illinois’ concealed carry law, held another of what has become a series of press conferences displaying guns seized by Chicago cops — some 5,095 in the first 37 weeks of 2013 — along with a lecture on crime and gun control. But he inadvertently found common ground with Second Amendment defenders when he noted that while guns are being seized, the gun criminals are often allowed to go free.”

“We seize nine guns for everyone that the NYPD seizes,” McCarthy said. “That’s not success that we’re talking about,” he added. “We’re talking about the fact that they shouldn’t be here in the first place and when we arrest those people — they don’t go to jail.”

Yet, to these leftist idiots, the guns are the problem.

Not a single gun shop or gun range can be found in Chicago because they are outlawed. Handguns were banned in Chicago for decades, until 2010, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that the city had gone too far, leading city leaders to settle for restrictions some describe as the closest they could get legally to a ban without a ban. Despite a continuing legal fight, Illinois remains the only state in the nation with no provision to let private citizens carry guns in public.

A gun shop has more firepower per square foot than anywhere, short of a military armory. Ever wonder why we never here of anyone robbing a gun store? Me either. Therefore logic would dictate that a gun shop is one of the safest places in America, yet the left would have people believe more guns automatically equals more violence and more killing. And we gun owners are all a bunch of lunatic would-be killers.

So, as a gun-toting lunatic, I say we “Demand a Plan” to place a gun shop on every street corner in the city of Chicago. There is certainly more empirical data that my idea is more legitimate than banning guns. As an added benefit, anyone being threatened by a gun-toting lunatic can simply duck into the nearest gun shop and claim sanctuary.

Problem solved.

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