Bullying Teacher Sued by Student’s Family

Last October, sixteen year old Samantha Pawlucy went to school wearing a pick Romney-Ryan t-shirt.  When she entered her geometry class at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia, her teacher Lynette Gaymon, who likened the t-shirt to the KKK:

“Approached Samantha with a red marker and attempted to mark over the shirt telling her that she couldn’t wear that shirt in an Obama school.  But Samantha would not let her do it.  Then the teacher told her to take off her shirt and she would give her another shirt to wear.  The whole time this was happening, the teacher kept berating Samantha about wearing a Romney shirt at an Obama school.”

“When Samantha refused to take off the t-shirt, the teacher ordered her out of the classroom and again Samantha stood her ground.  By the time the teacher finished her tirade, some of Samantha’s classmates joined in as did the school janitor.”

“Samantha was so embarrassed and humiliated that she is now afraid to return to the school as she has had threats from other students about her shirt.  Her parents are furious and went to the school to talk to the principal and teacher.  According to Samantha’s dad, Richard, the teacher half-heartedly apologized, tried to explain it was a joke and then stormed out of the principal’s office.”

Gaymon, who just happens to be black and an Obama supporter, was temporarily removed from the classroom at the time, but was soon back in the same classroom.  When Samantha returned to school several days later, she was met by some classmates that supported her and many who did not.  She continued to be harassed by fellow students at the school and even received threats on her Facebook page, but the school did nothing to stop any of it.  At one point her parents said that they were considering transferring Samantha to another school, but the reports have not said whether they did or not.

Now, Samantha’s parents have filed a federal lawsuit against Gaymon and the school for violating her First Amendment right of free speech and for not taking action to stop the bullying and harassment.  The lawsuit is asking for unspecified damages for the emotional distress that Samantha has had to endure because of the teacher’s actions which made her out to be a racist and the failure of the school to prevent further harassment.

Gaymon’s actions in defaming Samantha were typical of so many Obama supporters during the campaigns.  They didn’t care about anyone else’s rights or freedoms if that person opposed Obama.  There were many reported cases of First Amendment free speech rights being intentionally violated by the ardent supporters of Obama.  Sadly, the vast majority of those incidents were carried out by blacks against non-blacks.

I hope and pray that the Pawlucy family wins their case and that Gaymon and the school are forced to pay for their illegal and unconstitutional actions and this serves a warning to other teachers and school administrators.

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