Busier Emergency Rooms Evidence of Further Obamacare Failure

Tuesday I posted an article that listed a number of articles I’ve previously posted reporting on the failures of Obamacare. Today I would like to add yet another proof of failure for the worst debacle in American history.

If the Affordable Care Act worked as promised in 2009 and its passage in 2010, most Americans would have quality healthcare accepted by a plethora of doctors, hospitals and clinics. One of the consequences of a very successful socialist healthcare system would be a significant reduction in the number of emergency room visits.

However, according to a recent poll by the American College of Emergency Physicians, the exact opposite is true. Jake Novak reported:

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“And now it turns out America’s emergency rooms aren’t getting a break either. A just-released poll by the American College of Emergency Physicians, shows that 75% of the 2,099 ER doctors it surveyed are seeing either a major surge or at least a slight increase in the volume of patients coming into their emergency departments. Again, not only are the ER’s not seeing any easing of traffic but their burden to care for those unable to find accessible health care has increased in the past year. So much for all those millions of Americans who were supposed to have great new choices and great new access to care.”

Ironically, many professionals predicted that Obamacare would clog up emergency rooms all over country. Proponents of the Affordable Care Act laughed and scoffed at these predictions claiming that they were made just to scare people into not trusting or believing in Obamacare.

Novak makes a very poignant statement:

“Health insurance and health care are two different things.”

“America’s politicians, White House speechwriters, and way too much of the news media should be forced to write the above sentence 1,000 times. Because they just don’t seem to understand that getting millions more Americans signed onto to some kind of health insurance is absolutely nothing to be proud of unless those people actually get better and affordable care. And there’s also nothing to celebrate about Obamacare if there’s been no easing of the burden for emergency rooms where we have cared for so many uninsured people at such a high cost for so long.”

“So far it looks like the ACA is 0 for 2. It’s already been well documented that the Obamacare plans are leaving millions of Americans struggling to find doctors who actually accept their new insurance plans.”

Oh how true is his statement. There is a huge difference between having health insurance and health care. Americans are being forced into paying more for less coverage and consequently receive poorer heath care. The only part of Novak’s statement that I disagree with is when he said the Affordable Care Act is 0 for 2. As many different failures I’ve written about, I would say that Obamacare is at least 0 for 20 and perhaps even more. I’ve yet to see any major positive contribution to health insurance or health care and I contend that was never the point.

The Affordable Care Act had one and just one purpose and that was to force a socialist program on the American people. Once we finally accept it, there will be more and more socialist programs rammed down our throats until America is no different than the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, more commonly known at the USSR or just the Soviet Union. It collapsed because socialism is a failed attempt to dictatorially control a nation of people and resources and the US is certain to fail under socialist rule also.

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