CA Law Banning Gay Conversion Therapy Put on Hold Pending Appeal to Supreme Court

California is ground zero when it comes to sexual perversions like homosexuality and gay rights.  Whole communities have been taken over by homosexuals and they have also infiltrated city and state government.  So it wasn’t any real surprise to me to see that California was the first state to pass a law banning a licensed therapist from helping to convert a homosexual teenager to the straight life.

Gay conversion therapy is used when a person is confused about their sexual orientation.  The therapist works with the person in an attempt to resolve the personal conflict and show the patient that being straight is normal and the orientation to be sought and lived.

Gay activists have risen up against gay conversion therapy because a number of people who thought they were gay have been converted to being straight and normal.  Without this type of therapy, some people who are confused about their sexual orientation end up committing suicide.  From everything I’ve read, gay activists would rather see a person commit suicide than see them go straight.

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I see the ban on gay conversion therapy as being discriminatory.  There is no ban or even attempt to ban therapy to convince the sexually confused people to turn to the gay lifestyle.  In fact, this therapy is perfectly acceptable and declared to be non-harmful.  However, gay activists and the liberal members of the psychological community have claimed that the gay conversion therapy is harmful.  Truth is there have been a number of cases where some form of gay therapy has helped young people who have then gone on to lead a normal life, get married to a member of the opposite sex and raise a family.

But that hasn’t stopped the liberals.  After California, they set their sights on New Jersey and New York.  New Jersey then also passed a law banning gay conversion therapy and their Democratically liberal so-called Republican Governor Chris Christie joyfully signed it into law.

Lawsuits have been filed challenging the legality of the anti-gay conversion therapy laws.  In New Jersey, the parents of a 15 year old boy filed suit against Christie for signing the bill into law.  Their son contemplated suicide not because of the therapy, but because of his unnatural desires for other boys.  His parents claim that Christie violated their constitutional rights of free speech and exercise of religion.  That lawsuit is still pending.

In California, liberal courts have upheld the law banning gay conversion therapy.  The Liberty Council took their appeal to the most liberal court in America, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who also upheld the law.  However in their ruling on the case, there were three dissenting opinions written that were strongly worded against the law.

Matt Staver, Founder of Liberty Council said that they are appealing to the US Supreme Court and asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a stay to prevent the law from being enforced until the case goes to the Supreme Court.  Much to my surprise, the 9th Circuit Court granted the stay, meaning that until Liberty Council learns whether the Supreme Court will hear their appeal or not, professional therapists in California will still be allowed to use gay conversion therapy on minors.

Staver commented:

“Liberty Counsel’s now going to ask the Supreme Court to review the matter – but in the meantime, we asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to put its ruling on hold to stay the decision so that it doesn’t go into effect and thus the law still is not effective.  And the good news is that the Ninth Circuit came back and agreed with us. They stayed the decision.”

“So this case is now moving to the final phase.  The good news is that our clients are very happy. They can continue to engage in the kind of counsel that they want to and that they seek, and I am very hopeful that at the end of the day this law will finally be found unconstitutional.”

One question Staver needs to ask the high court is why is it legal and considered healthy for a licensed professional therapist to convince a sexually confused minor to be gay, but it’s considered harmful and dangerous to convince them to be straight?  That question alone shows the inconsistency in the law and that kind of inconsistency makes the law unconstitutional.  The law has to ban all professional conversion therapy of a minor or none.

Hopefully the Supreme Court will take the appeal and rule on law and the Constitution and not on personal liberal agenda as the courts in California have done.

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