Calif. University Demands Removal of Statue to Gold Rush Because Miners Hurt Native Americans

The next target of PC historical whitewashing is apparently the gold rush days for The Golden State now that California State University is demanding the removal of a statue to the famed 49ers gold miners. Why? Because the gold miners were mean to Native Americans, of course.

The school year had barely begun before the braying PC mobs found another target to get their fake outrage ginned up over.

According to Daily Wire:

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Today’s example comes from California State University-Long Beach, where students have complained that the Prospector Pete statue must go because he represents the Gold Rush, a time now, apparently, associated more with attacks against Native Americans than searching for gold.

“As our diversity grew and more voices were heard, we came to know that the 1849 California gold rush was a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence and threats of genocide,” President Jane Close Conoley said in a statement to the university. “Today, the spirit of inclusivity is reflected in our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community. Today’s Beach is not connected to that era.”

The campus was founded in 1949, and the statue was a reference to the founding president Pete Peterson’s claim of “struck the gold of education” in creating the school. No matter, today’s students only see the “prospector” reference and have too much time on their hands, so now Pete the statue is a symbol of racism.

Student government passed a resolution in March that retired the statute — which will be soon moved to an isolated part of campus — and disassociated the school from the gold rush.

“Multiple scholars have cited the California Prospectors, also known as the 49ers, as culpable in violent and genocidal acts against the indigenous people of California,” the resolution stated. “Prospectors in California perpetuated colonization, white supremacy, racism and exclusion ideals not only against indigenous American communities, but also women, people of color and non-Protestant communities.”

This nonsense comes on the heels of another statue desecrated by PCism in California when the “Early Days” statue in San Francisco was ordered removed because it was thought to be mean to the Indians.

The story of the removal of the “Early Days” statue broke on September 13 when the a city commission approved of its removal.

The memorial consists of a central pedestal upon which sits the female figure of Minerva. But the Roman goddess isn’t the problem. Around the central pedestal sits four smaller statues to California history, one of which is titled “Early Days.”

The “Early Days” statue features a Spanish Missionary, a vaquero (Spanish cowboy), and a Native American. But the racebaiters insist that this statue is “racist” because it depicts the missionary delivering a Christian blessing to the Indian who sits prone on the ground looking up.

The order to remove the statue has been a long time coming, of course. Left-wing groups have been agitating against the statue for years. And in February the city’s “Historic Preservation Commission” had approved the removal.

As Daily Caller reports:

San Francisco Arts Commission spokeswoman Kate Patterson didn’t give the exact date of the statue’s removal due to security reasons, according to East Bay Times.

“The San Francisco Arts Commission can now move forward with the removal of this racist and disrespectful sculpture, which has no place in our city,” Patterson said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Following its removal, the sculpture will be placed in storage, and a didactic plaque will be erected near the monument explaining the rationale for the sculpture’s removal.”

Just more proof that Soviet-like, fascist liberals from coast to coast are steadily erasing our history.

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