California Attempts Gun Confiscation

As California and surrounding states continue their manhunt for ex-cop Chris Dorner, California is struggling to keep people as safe as possible by confiscating guns out of the hands of those who are either felons or who have “mental illness.” Because of budget concerns, California’s Department of Justice can only afford to assign 33 agents to go around the state to confiscate these firearms.

There is a list of about 20,000 of these people whose guns are to be confiscated, and these 20,000 people have a total of 40,000 firearms.

Gun confiscation in a bankrupt state like California is no easy task. In fact, it’s basically impossible. Last year, they were only able to confiscate 2,033 guns. So, they’ve got about 40,000 to go, and what’s worse is that 3,000 people get added to this list every year.

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A CBS reporter went on one of these gun raids with Special Agent John Marsh of the Department of Justice. It took 5 ½ hours to confiscate 5 guns. At that optimistic rate, it would take over a decade to seize 40,000 guns. But the list just keeps growing.

If they have this hard of time confiscating just 40,000 guns, imagine how hard it would be to confiscate everyone’s in California. Just last year alone, California’s DOJ estimated that citizens purchased 725,000 rifles, pistols and shotguns, about twice the amount people purchased 5 years ago.

California doesn’t have the money or the manpower to confiscate people’s guns. It’s not feasible without help from another state agency or from the feds. But even then, California is only one state. If the liberals really wanted to launch an all out war against gun owners, they’d have to confiscate somewhere around 300 million guns around the country in order to truly get all the guns off the streets. And even then, those would just be the guns that they knew about. How would a national endeavor like this be even remotely possible in our current financial situation?

I know politicians pretend that there is no financial problem, that we’re in no danger whatsoever of running out of money because we can just “print the money,” but that’s all an act. They’re trying to keep things afloat before it completely collapses. They want to take advantage of the system for as long as possible.

Special Agent John Marsh, the agent that had the CBS reporter ride along with him on his gun raids, said that sometimes it feels like they’re only “treading water” in reference to how they can’t possibly keep up with all the people from whom they have to seize guns. But that’s unrealistically optimistic. Like the U.S.’s dire financial situation, California’s gun confiscation project is drowning, and they’re barely scratching the surface of “illegal” gun-owners. A local gun buyback program can yield more guns than California’s DOJ in a year’s time.

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