California Considers Allowing More Than Two Parents

Amidst the most disastrous economy in the 50 states, California’s so-called leaders still find time to muck around with radical social experiments designed to redefine and ultimately weaken the nuclear family.

The latest one is a bill that would allow children to legally have more than two parents. It has already passed in the Senate and will be considered by the Assembly.

It should come as no surprise that this sort of straw-headed effort would originate with gay San Francisco Sen. Mark Leno. You probably already guessed that he’s a Democrat.

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Leno has a long history of pushing bills that promote all sorts of creepy perversions.  As a member of the Assembly, he gained a reputation around the Bay Area as the “kiddie porn king” for his defense of lighter penalties for child pornographers. At one point he said that pursuing child pornographers was the equivalent of McCarthyism (which wasn’t such a bad idea, turns out) and that penalties for the crime should be no more severe than for stealing a bicycle — presumably he meant a bicycle with a child still attached.

He also has sponsored or supported bills calling for gay marriage, forcing schools to teach gay history to children (called “queering” by the gay lobby) and housing “transgender” (cross-dressing) inmates in opposite-sex cells.

SB 1476, co-sponsored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights, is being sold as a way of protecting children.

According to Leno, it would give judges more flexibility in custody cases and give children more chances of being financially well off. Among the bizarre situations the bill envisions, according to the Sacramento Bee, are:

  • A family in which a man began dating a woman while she was pregnant, then raised that child with her for seven years. The youth also had a parental relationship with the biological father.
  • A same-sex couple who asked a close male friend to help them conceive, then decided that all three would raise the child.
  • A divorce in which a woman and her second husband were the legal parents of a child, but the biological father maintained close ties as well.

Not stated is the likelihood that the bill will vastly increase the possibilities for requiring child support. (San Francisco sperm donors beware — you may have thought you had the best job in the world, but you may end up paying that 50 bucks a week to some hussy you never met.)

The real motive for the bill is transparently obvious. Leno is trying to set up a law that will pave the way for polygamous marriages.

It’s been argued many times by conservatives that if you redefine marriage to allow gays to wed, you effectively change the point of marriage from being about the creation and raising of children to being just about sex and government perks. Once you’ve done that, there’s no rational argument against polygamy, child marriages, bestiality and whatever other twisted arrangements people can come up with. If you allow gay marriage, you also make it a whole lot easier to argue for legalizing things like child pornography and prostitution.

Just ask NAMBLA why they support gay marriage — if they would give you an honest answer, that is.

Our modern world is insane enough to allow just about anything if someone screams loud enough or has enough money.

Take for example millionaire Sharon Tendler, who married a dolphin in 2006. Or Cory Moore, who married his guitar in 2007.

Leno’s bill is just the latest anti-family skid in California’s long, liberal slide into the sea.

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