California Democrats Move to Confiscate Guns

If you ever have doubts about the fundamentally fascist nature of the Democratic Party, just look at California.

The land of the Left Coast is a place where liberals run free. Despite a population that is substantially conservative, the Democrats have gerrymandered and nullified nearly every Republican or Libertarian voice out of existence, leaving the left-wing whackadoodles free to do their worst.

And their worst they do at every opportunity. The most recent mandate from the People’s Bureau to Stop Individual Freedomes, aka the Democrat-controlled Senate, is being hailed as the biggest gun-banning effort in decades and includes provisions for gun confiscation.

The state’s about an inch away from bankruptcy, but the liberals who have been running everything into the ground think they have money to spend on taking away people’s guns and creating massive new bureaucracies to track and harass gun owners.

Among the proposals introduced last week by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, are a ban on all semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines, registration of all guns and requiring an additional permit just to buy ammo. There’s probably not a one of them that doesn’t violate the Constitution.

The House has also introduced its own package of draconian edicts that includes a bill to allow confiscation of all legally owned rifles in the state.

It’s a bit of ironic timing that the Democrats would be pushing their gun-owner pogrom the same week that Southern California police are hunting murder suspect Christopher Dorner.

Dorner’s 22-page manifesto, before the mainstream media “redacted” it, was replete with praise for liberal celebrities and causes, including gun control.

Yet, the ex-cop and Navy reservist is running around somewhere by his own admission with a rocket launcher and .50-caliber gun — a real “assault weapon.” He’s also not on drugs or clinically insane, as his anifesto makes clear — just very, very self-absorbed.

That makes him a perfect fit for the Democrat Party, but it also underscores the ridiculousness of gun control laws. You would be right if you were to suspect that there are already laws in place to prevent private citizens from obtaining.50–caliber guns and rocket launchers.

And yet, as they say, here we are.

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