California Enacts Law Making Schools and Students Helpless Victims of Would be Mass Shooters

When it comes to gun control and protecting school kids, I often think many politicians are not as smart as a fifth grader. They allow their anti-American ideologies to cloud their mental capacities, resulting in their failure to see and understand what is really happening in our nation.

Whenever I get in a conversation with a gun-control supporting liberal, the first thing I ask them is where do most of the mass shootings take place. They often start naming schools, stores and businesses. Then I ask them what all of these locations have in common and the only thing say is they were targets of sickos with guns. I have to practically spell it out to them that the vast majority of these locations are gun free zones. Then I ask them to tell me when was the last time they heard about a mass shooting in a gun friendly location and in most cases they can’t do it. I tell them that there have been some shootings in gun friendly locations and that in many of those instances there was someone there legally carrying a concealed gun who used that gun to stop the shooting, saving countless lives.

Whenever I ask them about having teachers and faculty trained and allowed to carry concealed guns, they adamantly say they are totally against allowing anyone to have a gun on a school campus. That’s when I point out that the school where Obama’s girls attend have on average 11 armed guards on campus during school hours. I had one person tell me that’s because Obama’s kids are important and need to be protected.

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That’s when I think to myself – Gotcha. I ask them if Obama’s kids are really more important than their kids are to them. They usually say no but then try to qualify that because of whose kids they are. So I ask them if it’s okay that kids of prominent people have armed protection on their kids’ school campus but it’s not okay to have armed protection on the campus where their kids attend because their kids are not as important. One woman responded to me that Obama’s kids are protected by professionally trained armed guards, not a teacher or school administrator. I then reminded her that I initially asked about having properly trained and licensed teachers or administrators armed to protect their kids and ask what’s the difference between them and armed guards. Then I pointed out that teachers are generally on the scene of a shooting where armed guards are stationed outside or on patrol. A properly trained and armed teacher has the best opportunity to stop a shooter faster than anyone else and thus a better chance of saving precious young lives. The conversation generally ends there and the anti-gun person gives up and walks away.

Some states and school districts have realized that gun free schools are targets for wackos and are taking measures to professionally train and license some teachers and faculty, allowing them to carry concealed weapons on campus and in the classroom. I’ve yet to hear about anyone carrying out a mass shooting on a campus that has armed teachers and faculty members.

Unfortunately, as of today, all public and private school campuses in California are officially targets for any whacko or sicko with a gun, and trust me there is no shortage of crazy people in California. Senate Bill 707, which goes into effect today reads in part:

“Existing law, the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995, subject to exceptions, prohibits a person from possessing a firearm in a place that the person knows, or reasonably should know, is a school zone, unless with the written permission of certain school district officials. Existing law defines a school zone as an area on the grounds of a school providing instruction in kindergarten or grades 1 to 12, inclusive, or within a distance of 1,000 feet of that school. Existing law prohibits a person from bringing or possessing a firearm upon the grounds of a campus of a public or private university or college, or buildings owned or operated for student housing, teaching, research, or administration by a public or private university or college, that are contiguous or are clearly marked university property, as specified, unless with the written permission of specified university or college officials. Under existing law, a violation of these provisions is a felony, or, under specified circumstances, a misdemeanor. Under existing law, certain persons are exempt from both the school zone and the university prohibitions, including, among others, a person holding a valid license to carry a concealed firearm and a retired peace officer authorized to carry a concealed or loaded firearm.”

‘This bill would recast the provisions relating to a person holding a valid license to carry a concealed firearm to allow that person to carry a firearm in an area that is within 1,000 feet of, but not on the grounds of, a public or private school providing instruction in kindergarten or grades 1 to 12, inclusive. The bill would also delete the exemption that allows a person holding a valid license to carry a concealed firearm to bring or possess a firearm on the campus of a university or college. The bill would create an additional exemption from those prohibitions for certain appointed peace officers who are authorized to carry a firearm by their appointing agency, and an exemption for certain retired reserve peace officers who are authorized to carry a concealed or loaded firearm. By expanding the scope of an existing crime, the bill would create a state-mandated local program.”

“Existing law, subject to exceptions, prohibits carrying ammunition or reloaded ammunition onto school grounds unless it is with the written permission of the school district superintendent, the superintendent’s designee, or equivalent school authority.”

“This bill would reorganize those exceptions. The bill would delete the exemption that allows a person to carry ammunition or reloaded ammunition onto school grounds if the person is licensed to carry a concealed firearm. The bill would also create an additional exception to that prohibition by authorizing a person to carry ammunition or reloaded ammunition onto school grounds if it is in a motor vehicle at all times and is within a locked container or within the locked trunk of the vehicle.”

In other words, the only people allowed to carry a gun and ammunition on any campus in the state are law enforcement, retired law enforcement and professional armed guards. There is no provision allowing any faculty personnel to be professionally trained to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

The problem facing most schools, public and private, is that they cannot afford to pay for professional armed security. Schools are having to cut programs and staff in order to meet their meager budgets, so the thought of hiring armed guards is completely out of the question. Schools will be left completely defenseless and the students will be left as potential targets for any whacko.

Liberals like those running California willingly place everyone’s kids in danger because they can’t allow any incident of any teacher or faculty member with a gun successfully stopping thwart a potential mass shooting. Doing so would undermine their agenda of disarming America. They can’t allow anything that demonstrates how guns prevent crimes as it would totally undermine their anti-Second Amendment agenda. In fact, I believe that they are intentionally placing kids in the crosshairs as more mass shootings would help promote their dangerous agenda. I hope anyone reading this who lives in California or has family of friends who do, realize that their children are being used as expendable pawns in a sinister campaign to further destroy America.

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