California Law Mandates Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers Promote Abortion

California is not only the land of nuts, fruits and flakes, but it has become the bastion for anti-Constitution and anti-American liberal politics. From pushing holidays to honoring gay politicians, to taxing businesses for their carbon emissions, to banning effective reparative sexual identity therapy for minors to their new law to automatically register every illegal alien who obtains a state driver’s license or other form of valid state ID to vote, California has been attacking conservative ways more than any other state.

Now you can add the attack on pro-life pregnancy centers to the list of freedoms they are stripping honest citizens of. Last Friday, liberal Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that mandates that all licensed pregnancy centers inform everyone that visits their centers for help about low-cost or free access to abortion and contraception. The way the law is written, the mandate affects all pro-life and religious based crisis pregnancy centers.

Assembly Bill 775, known as the Reproductive FACT Act, reads in part:

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“Existing law, the Reproductive Privacy Act, provides that every individual possesses a fundamental right of privacy with respect to reproductive decisions. Existing law provides that the state shall not deny or interfere with a woman’s right to choose or obtain an abortion prior to viability of the fetus, as defined, or when necessary to protect her life or health. Existing law specifies the circumstances under which the performance of an abortion is deemed unauthorized.”

“This bill would enact the Reproductive FACT (Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency) Act, which would require a licensed covered facility, as defined, to disseminate a notice to all clients, as specified, stating, among other things, that California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services, prenatal care, and abortion, for eligible women. The bill would also require an unlicensed covered facility, as defined, to disseminate a notice to all clients, as specified, stating, among other things, that the facility is not licensed as a medical facility by the State of California.”

“The bill would authorize the Attorney General, city attorney, or county counsel to bring an action to impose a specified civil penalty against covered facilities that fail to comply with these requirements.”

The law spells out the specifics of how the law will be enforced and then states the civil penalties to be imposed if any facility fails to comply:


(a) Covered facilities that fail to comply with the requirements of this article are liable for a civil penalty of five hundred dollars ($500) for a first offense and one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each subsequent offense. The Attorney General, city attorney, or county counsel may bring an action to impose a civil penalty pursuant to this section after doing both of the following:

(1) Providing the covered facility with reasonable notice of noncompliance, which informs the facility that it is subject to a civil penalty if it does not correct the violation within 30 days from the date the notice is sent to the facility.

(2) Verifying that the violation was not corrected within the 30-day period described in paragraph (1).

(b) The civil penalty shall be deposited into the General Fund if the action is brought by the Attorney General. If the action is brought by a city attorney, the civil penalty shall be paid to the treasurer of the city in which the judgment is entered. If the action is brought by a county counsel, the civil penalty shall be paid to the treasurer of the county in which the judgment is entered.”

Then the drafters of the anti-pro-life bill wrote a provision to protect every provision of the bill in case any single part is deemed unconstitutional:

“SEC. 4.

The provisions of this act are severable. If any provision of this act or its application is held invalid, that invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application.”

Displaying his liberal hypocrisy, Assemblyman David Chiu (D- San Francisco) applauded the passage and signing of the bill he sponsored, saying:

“A growing and alarming movement is working to mislead women in order to achieve their political ideology. We have a responsibility as lawmakers to make sure that the information given to women who are making their own healthcare decisions is accurate and timely.”

Isn’t his bill designed to achieve his political ideology? First California liberals made it illegal for religious based licensed therapists to help gender confused minors give up any form of homosexuality. Now they are forcing religious based crisis pregnancy centers to violate their faith, just like Obama has been doing with Obamacare.

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) opposed the bill and questions the state’s right to dictate to non-profit organizations that don’t receive a single penny from the government. She responded to the passage of AB 775, saying:

“Does the government have a right to tell a newspaper what to write, a preacher what to preach, a private school what to teach? Of course not.”

“So why is it okay for the government to force pro-life pregnancy centers against their will to advertise and promote government abortion services?”

“Democrat legislators claimed this is necessary because the information provided by prolife pregnancy care centers is not, ‘fully-informed. So, according to this logic, if the government finds that your message isn’t ‘fully-informed,’ it now has a right to compel you to do and say things you do not believe in. The founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves.”

Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) also opposed the bill, saying:

“We should trust women to make their own choices, and this bill prevents that. Women choose to seek assistance from these pregnancy centers. Nobody forces them to go, nobody forces them to stay. They choose to go and they have the option to leave at any time.”

“AB 775 sets a bad precedent by allowing the state — a government entity — to dictate what information a non-profit organization — a non-profit that receives not a dime of state or government funding — has to provide to their clients.”

I pray that critics of the new law will challenge its constitutionality based its violation of First Amendment rights of free speech. Unfortunately, California is also home to some of the most liberal judges in the nation who frequently rule on their agenda instead of the law.

Christians are definitely under attack. Liberal Democrats like Obama and Brown are waging an intense war against Christians with the intent to legislate them out of existence. They aren’t allowed to operate their businesses by their Christian faith. They are being forced to violate their faith more and more by anti-First Amendment legislation. The question is; what will be their next legislative attack on Christianity? The possibilities are frightening.




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