California Marxists Enact Cap-and-Trade! Who’s Next?

California has enacted the nation’s first cap-and-trade law and it may cost them dearly.

Disguised as an attempt to curb and control the emission of greenhouse gases, the California Air Resource Board has established the tightest pollution regulations in the land.  The new law known as AB 32 requires all industries to reduce carbon emissions to those of 1990 by the year 2020.  In addition, the law states that those industries considered to be the worst polluters, must meet certain caps on emissions.  If those caps are not met by 2013, those companies will be forced to purchase ‘carbon credits’ which is a socialist term for paying a fine.

Certain socialists in our nation want to control all businesses under the guise of ‘carbon credits’ and carbon footprints.’  These are arbitrary terms coined by Marxists, based upon the assumption that global warming is real and poses a major threat to mankind and the world.  By controlling these imaginary carbon credits, they can and will control the manufacturing and economic sectors of the nation and eventually the world.

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If you are not aware of their agenda, then do some research on the Iron Mountain Summit held in the early 1960s by then Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and President John F. Kennedy.   The topic of this once secret summit was to figure out what could be used to unite the major powers of the world in order to form a one world government.  They agreed that the threat of nuclear annihilation was not enough to accomplish their goal.  It was finally determined that the only thing that could be used for this purpose was the environment and threat of global disaster.  They needed to create an environmental emergency of such magnitude that it would cross international boundaries and force all nations to work together.  This would be done through the United Nations with the ultimate goal of establishing the one world economy and one world government.

Since socialists had been using the Democratic Party for years for their purposes, the goals set forth by the Iron Mountain Summit have been actively pursued by various members of the party.  Perhaps no one more so than Al Gore, who in the early 1990s represented the US at a UN Earth Summit conference in Rio de Janeiro.  Serving as the official US representative, then Sen. Gore signed every UN resolution, including giving the UN complete control of all US lands.  Fortunately enough other nations refused to sign and this resolution never passed.

The latest push by the socialists and Marxists in the government and business are pushing for cap-and-trade laws as part of this overall globalism plan.  There are some very influential and wealthy people behind it like billionaire George Soros and the ACORN group, of which Obama is very much a part of.

It appears that since the last failure of the Democrats to pass a federal cap-and-trade law, that they have switched their strategies to the state level, starting in California.  However, according to some analysts and watchdog groups, the California cap-and-trade will have a costly effect on an already economically dying state.

Editor-in-chief of CalWatchdog, Steven Greenhut believes California’s AB 32 will force many businesses to close their doors and many others to leave the state.  He is predicting this will result in a rise in the cost of energy and food.

If businesses are forced to shut down or move out of the state, this could cost the state thousands of jobs, raising their unemployment rate and their already skyrocketing foreclosure rate.  This will further result in less state revenue which California can ill afford.

With Mexico and cheap labor just south of the border, this could be a real boon to their economy.   I wouldn’t be surprised if so many businesses moved to Mexico that Americans will be trying to cross the border to find work.

But I really don’t think the Democrats care about the potential economic disaster facing California down the road.  Instead, they believe that if they can get it in one state, then they can eventually get it in others states until the entire country has been swindled into the cap-and-trade trap.  They are using the same agenda being used by gay rights groups.  Start with one state and like yeast in bread dough, it will soon be spread throughout.

Greenhut describes it this way, “Competing in an international market is going to raise costs for dubious reasons.  No matter how one thinks about the whole … man-made global warming theory, the idea that one state can change everything is a bit strange…It’s the political approach that if California does it, the rest of this country will follow soon.  You know, it’s very harmful to our state, especially when no other state is following through.”

Mark my word, the socialist and Marxist Democrats will continue to push cap-and-trade state by state to get their agenda on track.  In their wake they will leave a number of states in utter financial ruin.  How better to take over a nation than to first put it in ruins.

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