California Passes Law to Automatically Register Illegals to Vote

I’ve been contending all along that the primary purpose behind Barack Obama’s illegal immigration policies is to set the stage for millions of illegal aliens to be able to vote in 2016 to help insure a Democratic victory nationwide.

Here’s how it works. First, Obama violated the US Constitution by taking it upon himself to change the implementation and enforcement of current federal immigration laws. The Constitution clearly states that only Congress can change a law that they passed. Obama’s illegal actions involved instructing the Department of Homeland Security not to detain and deport all illegal aliens as the law requires.

Then Obama issued an executive order to allow nearly 1 million illegals to remain in the country and obtain work permits. Not satisfied, he issued another executive memo that upped the number of illegals being allowed to stay in the US and work to 10 million to 20 million, depending on what source you use.

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However it didn’t stop with just allowing them to remain in the US and obtain legal work permits. Obama’s policy also makes illegals eligible to obtain valid state driver’s licenses and to receive benefits including healthcare, education, welfare, food stamps and others.

Some states like Arizona saw how this would negatively impact them financially and otherwise and passed laws denying illegals the right to obtain state driver’s licenses or receive benefits. Arizona has a high number of illegals and paying for their benefits would nearly bankrupt the state, but Obama’s henchmen in the Justice Department challenged the Arizona law and got liberal judges to overturn them, declaring them unconstitutional and discriminatory. What’s so discriminatory about not rewarding people for breaking the law?

By obtaining a valid state driver’s license, all illegals have to do is lie about their citizenship when they register to vote. If they lack the moral ethics of breaking federal immigration law, then lying about their citizenship is easy, especially since they don’t have to offer any proof other than their driver’s license.

Earlier this year, Oregon passed a law to automatically register anyone who obtains or renews a state driver’s license. If they submit a change of address form to the state DMV they are automatically registered. The law makes no provisions for proof of citizenship. The only way not to be automatically registered is to formally request not to be registered, but how many illegals will do that?

Proponents of the new law state that many of Oregon’s eligible voters are not registered and this is meant to get most of them registered so they can vote. I truly believe the intent of the law is to allow illegals the ability to cast illegal votes in 2016.

Now California, the state with the largest population of illegals in the nation, has passed a similar law to Oregon’s. They used the same argument that Oregon’s liberal Democrats used, claiming that about 7.6 million of the state’s 38 million eligible voters are not registered. Official estimates range from 2 million to 3 million illegals live in California, but unofficial estimates place number closer to 4 million or more. If half of them obtain a valid state driver’s license anytime in 2016, which is when the law goes into effect, they will be automatically registered to vote in November’s election.

Both Oregon and California are Democratic strongholds; making passing these laws to allow illegals the right to vote is no surprise. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other Democratic controlled states pass similar laws at the urging of Barack Obama. Since his election, he has seen Democratic control of the nation diminish with each election and he will stop at nothing to try to keep Republicans from gaining control of the White House next year, including helping millions of illegal aliens to cast illegal votes for Democratic candidates nationwide. I strongly believe that the 2016 election will be the most corrupt national election in our nation’s history, which only reflects on the most corrupt administration in history as well.

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