California Pushing Bill That Outlaws Parents’ Rights of Pro-Heterosexual Counseling

As the parent of a child or teenager, what would you do if you found out they started to question their sexual identity?  As a Christian parent, would you not sit down with your son or daughter and discuss the sinful nature of homosexuality with them?

If some California legislators get their way, you could be arrested and charged with child abuse.

California Senate Bill 1172 would make any kind of sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) by therapists, psychologists, counselors and parents an illegal act punishable by arrest, fines and/or jail time.  The bill, which has already made it through its first committee hearing, would require adults seeking therapy or counseling to fill out a consent form containing specific questions on sexual orientation.  Most professionals who have reviewed the consent form and questions are against the measure.

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When it comes to minors, the bill forbids any and all sexual orientation change efforts by professionals or parents, regardless of the parent’s wishes.  Even though parents are still legally responsible for their children, questions of sexual orientation will be completely removed from their rights as parents.  Sponsors of the bill claim that minors face serious health risks due to family pressure and possible rejection.

Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus described Senate Bill 1172 stating,

“It not only gives stark penalties and liabilities against counselors and psychologists attempting to assist adults wanting or asking for therapy regarding sexual orientation issues, but it outright bans and prohibits anyone under the age of 18 to have any pro-heterosexual counseling or therapy when they are struggling with their sexual orientation.  Worse yet is if parents are caught being non-supportive of their child’s perception of homosexuality in any way, then that is deemed abuse by parents under this statute and grounds for the government to permanently take that child from their parents.”

“I can honestly say this is one of the most outrageous, speech-chilling bills we have ever seen in California — and that’s saying a lot.”

Pacific Justice Institute attorney Matthew McReynolds attended the Senate committee meeting where they discussed SB 1172.  He expressed the firms opposition to the bill and reported that,

“SB 1172 blames those who believe change is possible for gay suicides, guilt, substance abuse, relationship problems, and a host of other ills.  As if all that were not enough, the bill claims that sexually-confused youth who experience ‘family rejection … face especially serious health risks’ and the state has a ‘compelling interest’ to protect their health. The logical implication from these two assertions is that the state is giving itself the power to take kids away from parents who do not affirm the kids’ sexual confusion.”

California Senate Bill 1172 is another attempt by gay activists to obtain preferential treatment and criminalize anyone who opposes them.  They do not want equality.  They want superiority and power to control and dominate.  Their desire is to replace the red and white stripes on the American flag with the colors of a rainbow.

If you live in California, please, please, please contact your state senator and urge them to protect family values and parent’s rights by defeating Senate Bill 1172.  If you know anyone who lives in California, please forward this blog to them and urge them to do the same.  This bill must, and I repeat, must be defeated and the only way for that to happen is for you and your family and friends to take immediate action.

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