California Senators Jump On Suicide Train

The California Senate finally got around to clearing the way for those Obamacare death panels that were never supposed to exist.

SB 128 would allow mentally competent, terminally ill patients to ask their doctors to prescribe poison with which to kill themselves.

The bill’s proponents don’t word it quite that way, of course.

For them, poison is “medication” and kill is “shorten suffering,” but I’m sure you get the idea.

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Basically, the bill would ask doctors to violate their oaths to do no harm and instead kill their patients who may have become too costly or inconvenient to continue caring for.

The bill now faces a deadline in the Assembly of Sept. 11. (How’s that for ominous?)

Compassion & Choices California Campaign Director Toni Broaddus said, “This is a historic moment in our state for terminally ill Californians facing unbearable suffering who need and want more end-of-life options.”

So-called “right-to-die” laws in states and countries that have adopted them have a history of being used for nefarious purposes. Far from an end-of-life “option,” they tend to become a state-sanctioned prescription.

The worst-case scenario is the Netherlands, where doctors frequently prescribe fatal poisons for even young children whose care is deemed too expensive or complicated. There have been numerous cases in that country in which witnesses alleged that people “assisted” in killing themselves in fact wanted to live and were overruled by the presiding doctors.

That’s exactly what opponents of the California bill have been saying, to no avail.

“For all practical purposes, SB 128 would open the door to pressure the weak and vulnerable to die prematurely,” said Randy Thomasson, president of “People who otherwise could have fought to live or at least extended their lives will be ‘helped’ to die early, and that’s shameful.”

He continued: “Is life precious or is life a burden? Should we prevent or promote suicide? Good government values innocent human life and discourages suicide.”

Unfortunately, the last thing California could be described as having is good government.

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