California Stabs Itself in the Head With Minimum Wage Hike

If massive debt, runaway taxes and some of the highest unemployment in the nation wasn’t enough to make you want to run screaming from California, then consider that the “FAB-u-lous” folks in the Legislature have just slashed open the state’s carotid artery by voting for a minimum wage increase that would make the state’s one of the highest minimum wages around.

The bill would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. Governor Moonbeam, aka Jerry Brown, is sweating tofu out of his bald head he’s so excited to sign the execution order for the state.

Because that’s what it is, a death knell for the once Golden State.

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The “nice numbers” for unemployment show California hovering around 9.5 percent, or fifth or sixth worst in the nation depending on the month. The real numbers, called U-6, which counts everybody who should be working and isn’t, including those who’ve given up looking for jobs and those who are forced to hold only part-time positions, put California at 18.3 percent unemployment, or nearly one-fifth of the population. Only Nevada is higher.

Los Angeles County, which is ground zero for the alien invasion of the state and its government, comes in at 20.5 percent unemployment.

So what do you do when your state is bleeding to death and its economy is dying?

Well, if you’re a liberal and you believe that magic makes economic unsustainability go away, then you raise the minimum wage to please your illegal alien, lower class, intellectually challenged constituents.

The folks working at McDonald’s and other minimum wage jobs that were always meant to be temporary positions filled by teens can now continue to try feed their families with their fast-paced burger-flipping careers.

And for a moment, they’ll think they’ve won the jackpot. Two dollars an hour is more of a raise than most of them would ever get under their own steam, so for a month or two it’ll be new sneakers and extra butter on the popcorn all around.

Then reality will set in as half the minimum wage work force gets laid off because the number of customers has dropped because the price of hamburgers rose to pay higher wages and to compensate for increased costs due to meat and milk shake suppliers having to pay for their workers. …

The higher prices of everything and the increased scarcity of jobs will quickly erase the liberal illusion of riches, as it has with every other minimum wage increase in the past.

The frosting on the cake will be when the state, having not received the tax largess the Legislature thought it was voting for, then raises taxes “to make up the difference.”

California is just like one big stinky onion of stupidity. Every time you think the liberal overlords have hit the bottom, there’s a whole other layer of idiocy to be discovered.

The state is crying out for leadership. If it doesn’t get it soon, there won’t be anything left.

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