California To Sacrifice Women’s Lives

Abortion is a highly controversial subject and I personally believe it is the first degree murder of a human being and can also result in the negligent homicide of the mother.

We’ve seen a number of cases where women have died at the hands of licensed doctors performing abortions in various clinics around the nation.  Twenty-four year old Tonya Reaves died from a botched abortion and negligence at the hands of licensed doctors at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago.  Nineteen year old Christin Gilbert also died from the results of a botched abortion performed by a licensed doctor in Kansas.  A woman in Sharonville, Ohio nearly died from a botched abortion performed by another licensed doctor.

These cases are only the tip of a bloody and hidden monster known as legal abortion.  There are other cases where women have died or nearly died at the hands of licensed doctors, supposedly trained and skilled at murdering unborn children.

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Yet, lawmakers in the state of California are striving to expand the number of women to be sacrificed on the altar of legal abortions by allowing non-physicians to perform the infant sacrifices.  State Assemblywoman (same as House Representatives in other states) Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) has introduced AB 154 which would allow non-physicians to be able to perform abortions once they have been properly trained and certified.  The bill is slated to be heard in the Assembly Committee on Health on April 23.

Atkins says that the purpose of the bill is to make abortions easier to obtain by allowing trained non-physicians to establish clinics in areas of the state where no doctor run abortion clinics are available.  This would cut down the amount of travel and wait time for women wishing to sacrifice their child for the name of liberalism.

In the wake of substandard treatment from licensed physicians around the country, allowing non-physician personnel to perform abortions will only jeopardize the health of more women than are already being jeopardized.

Dana Cody, Attorney, President and Executive Director Life Legal Defense Foundation also sees the increased risk to women’s health.  Commenting on AB 154, Cody said:

“I just really don’t understand how the very people who said [they] want abortion to be ‘safe, legal and rare’ years ago when Roe was decided are now making this available at any cost.  Children are dying and women’s lives are being put at risk [because of increased access to abortion].”

“California sees far too many unqualified physicians performing abortions in substandard clinical environments.  Expand that to non-physicians practicing without effective physician oversight, and it is not a pretty picture.”

“I think that we will see this type of training ultimately become a mandate under ObamaCare, and all I can say is God have mercy on our nation.”

It doesn’t surprise me to see Toni Atkins pushing such a dangerous bill.  She is a far left liberal lesbian who has won numerous awards for her gay rights activities.  She also served as vice-mayor of San Diego where sadly, a large enclave of homosexuals are taking over many key areas, neighborhoods and political positions.  Living a sinful and abominable lifestyle, it only stands to reason that she has no respect for the human soul or the unborn child and her piece of legislation only serves that out.

If you know anyone in California, family, friend or business acquaintance, contact them and urge them to let their state assemblymen/women and senators know that are against this bill and that it should never be passed, for the sake of women and children’s health.

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