California Wants to Stomp on Families’ Medical Rights

The People’s Republic of California is currently embroiled in a tug-of-war over who has the right to decide what’s best for children — parents or the state.

This being California we’re talking about, you can guess that so far the state is winning.

A bill by Sen. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, would remove the personal belief exemption and actually ban children from school if they don’t comply with the state’s vaccination schedule.

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You may be one of those people who is horrified at the idea of children not being vaccinated. After all, it’s for their benefit, right?

There’s a concerted effort right now to push vaccines on everybody, supported by the increasingly socialist influence of Obamacare and Common Core, which seem to be working together on this front. Pure coincidence, of course.

And pressure has come from legislators like Pan, one of those doctors who believes he naturally knows better than everyone else and therefore should be able to override the objections of “little people.”

All of this occurs “coincidentally” at a time when the pharmaceutical industry spends around $240 million annually on lobbying politicians across the land. (That’s down slightly from almost $300 million in 2009, when Obamacare was being debated — also a coincidence, no doubt.)

And the media, led by the nose by the Democrat Party, are pushing the story line that to oppose vaccinations is to oppose science, and to oppose science is to be Republican, because as we all know, it was the Republican Party, conservatives and Christians who strung up some guy named Galileo who proved the Earth wasn’t flat when an apple fell on his head and rolled off, as liberals vaguely recall from high school science class.

This too, is coincidence, as media ad reps count their commissions from Big Pharma.

It seems the only people not receiving pharmaceutical company money are average parents, who have always been a stumbling block in the way of bureaucrats’ efforts to control the way children are raised and educated.

Parents are also seemingly the only people capable of asking how much is really known about the effects of certain vaccines, a dangerous ability that the state tries to quash in any way it can.

For some reason, there are people who get it in their head that the pharmaceutical industry and the state, in addition to peddling tried and true vaccines that keep people healthy, occasionally try to slip in a ringer and use kids as guinea pigs for medicines that haven’t been tested enough.

Talk to anyone who’s become sick from getting a flu shot, or talk to the parents of kids who were fine one day then began showing symptoms of nerve damage, ADD, chronic infections, allergies or autism, or even died shortly after being vaccinated “for their health.”

Even in California, there are a handful of doctors who will tell their patients to hold off or avoid certain vaccines that they feel haven’t been sufficiently tested.

And yet, the same people who don’t want individuals to have the right to decide what’s best for their children will no doubt defend the “right” to kill an unborn child.

After all, the State knows best.


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