Caliphate to Christians: Convert, Pay or Die

It seems as if the world has yet to come to terms with the reality that there is now an Islamist caliphate in existence — the first in nearly 100 years — and what that really may mean.

Reuters and some other news outlets are so in denial that they are putting quote marks around the word caliphate, as if it’s an unheard-of concept or the scare quotes will make the thing go away.

On the contrary, the founding of this caliphate by ISIS, the Islamist army that has taken a large chunk of Iraq and Syria for itself, will go down in history books as one of the Obama Administration’s greatest failures, because ISIS would never have stood a chance if Obama hadn’t prematurely pulled out U.S. troops to please his anti-war supporters, leaving Iraq vulnerable to the return of al-Qaida and related groups.

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As for what the caliphate means, it means what strict Islam always has: another entire section of this planet lost to a combination of Nazi-inspired genocide in the name of Allah, stuck in a medieval time warp and devoted to the idea that Islam must subject the world to its hateful prophet and his bloody false god.

It means more free human beings subject to the tyranny of a religion whose very name means “submit.”

As if to prove the point, ISIS has released a statement ordering that Christians in its conquered territories must either convert to Islam, agree to pay the jizya extortion tax, or die.

According to Reuters, the statement reads in part, “We offer them three choices: Islam; the dhimma contract — involving payment of jizya; if they refuse this they will have nothing but the sword.”

The dhimma is a Muslim practice going back to the very beginning of Islam. It is a social contract by which non-Muslims, specifically Christians and Jews, pay protection money, called jizya, to their Muslim rulers. In return, the rulers are supposed to guarantee that the Christians and Jews can live safely in Muslim lands.

In practice, however, Muslim “protection” varies widely depending upon the temperament of any given ruler. Many living in “dhimmitude,” as it’s been termed, are barred legally from teaching their religion to their own children, from repairing their places of worship, or from dressing like Muslims. Other restrictions have been dreamed up by particularly creative tyrants.

When a dhimmi goes to pay his jizya, the tax collectors are often allowed to abuse and humiliate them as part of the process. Accepting “protection” under Islamic law is to submit to second-class citizenship at best, and it often is little or no protection at all.

That is the condition ISIS’s caliphate wishes to impose upon the whole world. It should be noted that the jizya is typically an option only for “people of the Book,” meaning Christians and Jews. Other religions, including atheism, are not allowed at all. For those practitioners, there is only the option of convert or die.

If the caliphate has its way, the religion of peace will dominate the world, a goal that has been furthered thanks in large part to the Obama Administration.

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