Campaigning By Phone Is a Story But Threats By Twitter Is Not News?

Yesterday the Atlantic came out with a story, “Meet the Company Spam-Texting Against Barack Obama.” The tagline reads, “ccAdvertising, a Virginia marketing and polling firm, circumvents laws about unsolicited texts by sending emails. Is that really legal?”

The short answer is yes.

This is America. Normally people don’t get their speech censored, especially not their political speech. The speech that is not normally covered is threats of murder against a presidential candidate. But I can’t find any story in the Atlantic about how people are doing that via their Twitter accounts. That doesn’t seem to worry them or be something they think their readers should worry about.

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Regarding spam, there have been laws passed against unsolicited phone messaging. ccAdvertising has found ways of avoiding what the law actually prohibits while getting messages to phones for clients. The description of their methods makes me think they must be an innovative company that provides real value. I hate phone spam too. But if what they are doing is legal then there is no point in making them look like a villain. Sales forces are always trying to find ways to communicate with large numbers of people.

But while the Atlantic is spending time writing about the evil ccAdvertising, they still haven’t covered the threats that people have been posting on their twitter feeds. Nor have they shown any concern about the seeming non-action of the Secret Service.

I’m not writing this to alert anyone to the twitter threats that have been going on at least since the GOP convention. We all know that such threats are illegal and are supposed to be investigated by the Secret Service. What concerns me is that we now have a culture that is closing its eyes to violence because the perpetrators are in ideological agreement with the mainstream media.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we haven’t yet seen any bloodshed. We are living in a very dangerous time. When people learn that they are not held accountable to the same standards as “the other side” they are going to soon try to push the boundaries even farther. We now have two major institutions not treating a criminal act as a serious matter. The Secret Service, as far as we can tell, has done nothing. And the mainstream media is being silent about it. In fact, they are writing stories about perfectly legal communications as if they were a scandal.

In other words, Romney’s life is being publicly treated as cheap. Threats on his life are treated as of no consequence in comparison to mere campaign advertising.

The hateful Left’s minions, the racist big mouths (I mean of course the ones who hate Romney because he is some kind of rich, white guy), aren’t going to be satisfied with merely talking murder forever. The Secret Service and the Media need to wake up to the fire they are playing with here.

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