Can Louisiana Democrat Overcome Being a Democrat in Next Week’s Election?

The Republican take over the US Senate may not be over. In Louisiana, no one got 50% of the vote in the Senate race, so they are having a runoff election on Saturday, Dec. 6 between Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu and her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy.

In the Nov. 4, election, Landrieu took 42.1% of the votes (618,840), Cassidy took 41.0% of the votes (602,439) and Republican Rob Maness took 13.8% of the votes (202,413). The runoff election is only between the top two vote getters and if Republican voters combine their efforts, they should be able to defeat Landrieu.

A number of polls are indicating that Cassidy should handily defeat Landrieu. The Vox Populi poll has Cassidy leading 53% to 42%. The Rasmussen Reports poll has Cassidy leading 56% to 41%. The RCP Average has Cassidy leading 56% to 40.3 % and the Gravis Marketing poll has Cassidy leading 59% to 38%.

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Lisa Boothe, a spokeswoman for Vox Populi Polling commented:

“Louisiana voters’ disdain for President Obama, coupled with the unpopularity of ObamaCare in the state, could be influential in their decision making as they cast their ballots next month.”

Dan Holler, a spokesman for Heritage Action for America commented about the polls, saying:

“I think one of the things that’s clear is that the baggage of being a Democrat in a Red State – especially when President Obama is in the White House – is really hard to overcome, and even if you’re trying to push for what a lot of people think is common-sense legislation like the Keystone Pipeline, it’s not enough to get you across the finish line – because President Obama has so badly damaged the Democrat brand.”

“There was widespread support amongst Democrats and she was never able to push for a floor vote until it appeared she was in electoral danger at the very last moment. So I think even had the president gone ahead and signed it, she wouldn’t have gotten the bounce from it.”

In other words, it doesn’t seem to matter what Landrieu does before the election. She can push for a popular bill like the Keystone XL Pipeline and it’s not enough to sway voters and it’s all Barack Obama’s fault. The loss of the House in 2010 should have been a wakeup call for Obama, but he was so blinded by his dictatorial ambitions that he didn’t believe it could happen again. In 2008 the American voters may have been too stupid as Obamacare architect Gruber stated, but in 2014 more voters said enough is enough and wrestled control of Congress away from Obama and the Democratic Party. Now I pray that the Republicans can live up to expectations over the next 2 years and help usher in a GOP candidate like Ben Carson to the White House.

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