Can Red State “Rebels” Make Beltway Face Truth About Syria?

So we (i.e. the US government) are going to start arming “rebels” and interfering in other ways in Syria. The mainstream media and mainstream politicians are all pretending that, by doing so, we can empower the “moderates” and marginalize the Islamic jihadists. But this is all nonsense. And the same media people who allow our politicians to get away with fairy tales about how there are “good guys” we can support to change Syria for the better, also sometimes find themselves forced to admit that this is all science fiction. Working with journalists across the globe, inevitably media companies feel some professional pressure to allow the truth to come out, at least partially.

Thus, the special report: “How Islamists govern with guile and guns.”

“Using a mix of intimidation and organization, alliances of Islamist brigades are filling the vacuum in areas where Assad’s army has withdrawn and more secular rebels have failed to provide order, a 10-day visit to rebel-held Syria by Reuters journalists showed. The Islamist groups include al Qaeda affiliates and more moderate partners, so the nature of their rule is complex. They administer utilities, run bakeries and, in a town near Raqqa, operate a hydroelectric dam. They are also setting up courts and imposing punishments on those judged transgressors. The United States and other Western powers support the Syrian National Coalition, a group of opposition figures based in Cairo. But the coalition has very little influence on the ground in Syria, so locals are increasingly turning to the Islamists as their best alternative to chaos.”

All of this is happening because no one in Washington will admit that declaring Assad illegitimate was a hasty move. Now, either to save face or some other sinister purpose, the US government is effectively causing the Islamization of the country.

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The good news is that people are pushing back. For example:

“A state lawmaker will lead an anti-war rally on the south steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol at 7 p.m. Friday, July 12. The public is invited. The rally’s theme is ‘Not Our War!’ and will be held to reflect the views of those who oppose U.S. intervention in the Syrian civil war, state Rep. Paul Wesselhöft said. ‘The U.S. has no political or moral obligation to intervene in Syria’s intractable civil war. It’s none of our business,’ said Wesselhöft, R-Moore. ‘Our involvement in shipping arms to the Syrian rebels commits us to a proxy war with Russia. This is not good, not wise, not acceptable, so we object.’ Wesselhöft said the rally will be bipartisan in nature. Musical entertainment will precede the speakers from 6-7 p.m. There will be co-sponsors representing both the left and right political spectrum. Each spectrum will be given equal time, he said. Wesselhöft hopes the Oklahoma rally will spark similar events in other state capitols and Washington, D.C.”

Meanwhile, A group of Democratic and Republican Senators are sponsoring a bill to kill the funding for a military venture in Syria. Right now it doesn’t seem to have much chance. But if Red State voters can wake up from unthinking support for unilateral military action and liberals can remember Obama’s broken promises to govern with less bloodshed and more respect for civil liberties than Bush, perhaps we can push back the War Hawks nesting in D. C.

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