Can The GOP Win Back the Senate in 2014?

At the moment, the US Senate is controlled by the Democrats who hold 53 of the 100 seats.  Republicans hold 45 of the 100 seats and two remaining seats are held by Independents who are really Democrats who don’t want to admit it.

In order for the GOP to gain control of the Senate, they would have to win 5 additional seats in the 2014 election.  In today’s political climate, that may be a daunting task, but as we all know, political climates can change almost overnight because of just one event.

One thing that may give the GOP a ray of hope in 2014 is that six current Democratic senators have announced that they are retiring at the end of their terms in 2014.  Sen. Max Baucus from Montana is the latest make such announcement.  Other states with retiring Democratic senators are Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, South Dakota and West Virginia.

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One thing that could sway the election toward the GOP side is gun control.  Even though President Barack Obama keeps trying to convince the American people that over 90% of the people want more gun control, it’s just not true.  I suspect his poll was taken from a high Democratic inner city that is also largely ethnic.

In New York, support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo has dropped drastically in the past month or so and it has been largely attributed to his strong anti-gun laws that he rammed through the state’s congress.  According to the Siena College poll, his overall support has dropped from 72% to 62% stateside.

However, in upstate New York, his support has dropped.  The Siena College Poll asked voters if they would prefer to see Cuomo re-elected or would they support someone else.  A month ago, 45% of upstaters said they would favor Cuomo and 47% said someone else.  In the most recent poll, only 34% of upstaters say they would favor Cuomo and 57% said they would favor someone else.

If Cuomo is taking a big hit due to his anti-gun and anti-constitutional laws, the same should be happening to all of the Democrats that voted for the gun control laws last week.  Once the people begin to realize that these men and women are violating the US Constitution by passing stricter gun laws that will have no significant impact on the amount of violent crime, I expect to see their support begin to dwindle.

This needs to be a key campaign issue with every Republican running for office in 2014.  They need to hammer the public with ads telling them that they’re Democratic senators and representatives are destroying the Constitution and the very foundations of America.  They need to be labeled as the traitors and criminals they are.  Then maybe, just maybe the GOP will be able to pick up 5 more seats in the Senate and change the way business is done in Washington.

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