Canadian Government-Funded Media Says Christmas is Bad for the Environment

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation — Canada’s government-funded media — is now telling Canadians that Christmas is bad for the environment and should be canceled to save the earth.

Once again, we see how enviirowackos are no better than the Grinch! And the CBC is taking the war on Christmas all the way to the end.

Indeed, the scolding starts with the very first paragraph of the December 16 article: “Christmas is a time of celebration, but once the party’s over, plenty of garbage is hauled to the curb.”

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Tsk tsk, Canadians. Your wonderful holiday makes too much garbage so ya better stop it if you care about the earth.

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Naturally, the article goes on to attack capitalism, too:

Environmental group Zero Waste Canada estimates that from mid-November to mid-January, the average Canadian generates about 25 per cent more trash than during the rest of the year.

The reason: people buy more stuff over the holidays, and a lot of it — from shiny wrapping paper to glittery cards — typically can’t go in your recycling blue bin, so it’s destined for the landfill.

See, Canada. You should stop “buying more stuff.”

Apparently, the CBC never heard the saying that it is better to give than receive. The CBC is not onboard for any of that evil giving.

The article goes on to tell Canadians how to dampen Christmas and make it less joyous.

The CBC wants to put an end to tree ornaments like tinsel, get rid of the fancy gift wrapping, dump the bows and ribbons, stop using glitter, and other things.

And get this dumb idea presented by the CBC: Instead of wrapping presents, they want you to stick your gift in a “knapsack or T-shirt.”

Indeed, the CBC suggests that you don’t give anyone anything.

CBC says that you should just stop by and visit people instead, and that is good enough because “experiences can offer more satisfaction than material gifts — and they’ll never wind up in a landfill.”

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, eh?

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