Candidate Hillary Clinton Is An Enemy to Women and Children

It was no secret or surprise when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president on Sunday. Everyone had been expecting it, even before the 2012 presidential election was over.

Hillary has always claimed to champion the causes for women and children, but in reality she’s the enemy of women and children.

Let’s start with looking at her role as First Lady where she fully supported her husband’s stance on women and we all know what that stance, or other positions were. When the scandal of Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky became public and led to his impeachment, Hillary stood beside him and supported his sexual infidelity and left the woman her husband seduced out to dry.

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As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton fully endorsed efforts by the United Nations to destroy the rights of mothers to raise their children as they feel best. The UN has pushed international legislation that gives rights to girls as young as 12 to have sex, participate in prostitution and get abortions all without parental knowledge or authority. In fact the UN efforts go so far that they want to give young girls the complete authoritative rights over their own lives and bodies to the point where the parents have no legal say. How many mothers would be happy to learn that Hillary Clinton supported measures like these?

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton chose to side with Muslims having connections with terrorism rather than side with Christians, which she, like Obama, claim to be. Her closest aide and confidant has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s terroristic regime. The Muslims she sides with live by sharia law where women have virtually no rights at all. They are treated no better than livestock or a piece of furniture that can be destroyed and discarded if the man of the house decides to do so. Hillary supports nations that don’t allow women to get an education, drive a car or even walk beside her husband. Many Muslim men believe that it’s okay to force a woman into sex, only to have her family beat or murder her for being violated. How is that supporting the rights of women?

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stood face to face with the families of the men that were murdered at the US consulate compound and promised them that she would personally keep them informed as what really happened to their loved ones. The last I heard, that was the last time Hillary contacted any of them. At least two of the parents have openly accused Hillary, along with Barack Obama and Leon Panetta, then Defense Secretary, of lying to them and purposely covering up what happened to their sons. What mother would support a woman who cares nothing about keeping her word to a grieving parent?

From the time Hillary was a practicing lawyer in Arkansas to now, she has been a very strong advocate for the first degree murdering of millions of unborn children. She has always supported abortion and denied children the right to life.

Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life organization, says that Hillary’s stand on abortion is as ‘radical and crazy as you can get.’ She told OneNewsNow:

“Hillary Clinton is solidly in the pro-abortion camp. She supports abortion for all nine months of pregnancy, she supports no limits on abortion and she wants our tax dollars to pay for abortions.”

“She had a chance in the Senate to say that parents have to be notified before their minor daughter is taken across state lines to get an abortion without the parent knowing it, and she voted against that.”

“So she was okay with someone taking a 15-year-old girl across state lines to get an abortion, and the parents not knowing anything about it. I’m not sure how much she can say she’s going to take care of women and children when she is willing to circumvent even the family order in a case like that.”

Based upon her record, Hillary Clinton is an enemy to women and children and does not care about protecting them. She only cares about her radical agenda that is very anti-woman, anti-child, anti-Christian and anti-American. If only the women of America would realize it.

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