Can’t Sell the Whole Fish? Will Chopping it into Pieces Help Sell It?

Have you ever visited a fish market?  Row after row of all kinds of different fish, ranging in size from small fish that fit in your hand to large fish over four feet in length are displayed throughout the market.  Sometimes these large fish don’t sell as readily as the smaller ones so the fish monger will often chop it up into smaller pieces to make it more affordable to the throngs of shoppers looking for the right inspiration for a tasty meal.

It appears that President Obama is ready to take his fishy jobs plan that didn’t sell in the Senate and start chopping it up into smaller pieces to see if he can sell as much of it as he can.  And perhaps some of the smaller pieces may be more marketable such as the two percent reduction in Social Security tax and the extension of unemployment benefits.

But as for some of the other pieces such as the tax increase on the wealthy and spending billions of dollars we don’t have without reducing spending elsewhere, will likely sit and rot and smell like old fish smells.  Those pieces of the jobs bill are like trying to sell fugu.  Fugu is the Japanese word for pufferfish and the exquisite dish prepared from it.  Pufferfish are highly toxic and can cause death in relatively short period of time.  However, the Japanese have developed a special way to prepare the fugu that detoxifies it, turning a once deadly meal into a gourmet treat.

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Parts of Obama’s jobs plan are very much like pufferfish and the Democrats have no idea of how to prepare it.  As it is, it’s very deadly and will help kill the nation if it’s shoved down our throats like their previous stimulus plans.  Republicans have recognized the danger of eating this ill prepared pufferfish type of jobs plan and killed the bill before it killed the nation.

Rather than trying to find a way to turn pufferfish into edible fugu, Republicans have been trying to serve other tasty marine delectables only to have the Senate Democrats turn up their noses without even finding out what kind of fish is being served.

Vice-President Joe Biden is demanding that the Republicans explain their actions for killing the jobs bill.  Yet Biden and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are among those that have refused to even glance at what the Republicans have tried to offer in place of the fugu.  In reality, it’s the Democrats that need to explain their actions and why they insist on wanting the public to eat the deadly pufferfish while at the same time refusing to consider much more palatable substitutes.

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