Carson Betrays Christian Values by Supporting Pro-Same Sex Candidate

Dr. Ben Carson has been hailed as a conservative and Christian who stands for traditional family values and the sanctity of life. His support has been growing and many predict that he will announce his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination early in May.

I’ve written a number of articles in support of Carson and his views, among which is that the Affordable Care Act is a complete and utter failure. However, in lieu of his latest political announcement, I am seriously re-thinking my support for his campaign.

It all starts with Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). In 2013, Portman was touted as being on the short list of running mates for Mitt Romney. The Republican from the Buckeye State gained his political position by being a staunch conservative. He was pro-family, pro-life and pro-America politician. Portman was not afraid to publically condemn abortion and same-sex marriage. He supported Ohio’s constitutional amendment that established marriage was between one man and one woman.

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However that all changed in March 2013 when Portman revealed that his son, William was gay. Rather than standing by his declared Christian belief that homosexuality and same-sex marriage were a sin and therefore wrong, Portman betrayed his Christian faith and the voters that elected him by suddenly endorsing same-sex marriage.

That was the day that I lost all respect for Sen. Rob Portman. It showed me that his faith is weak and can be easily swayed by the sins of others. I know it’s hard when a child commits a terrible sin like homosexuality, but as a Christian we are required to remain true to our faith. It’s called tough love. Our eternal souls depend on our faith, not on our children.

Many have wondered if Portman was going to run for president or for re-election to the Senate, but all of the latest indicators say that he is most likely going to seek re-election. Knowing that, Dr. Ben Carson has openly endorsed Portman’s bid for re-election, saying:

“I want to see Rob Portman re-elected to the U.S. Senate and encourage Ohio voters to join his campaign and keep the Senate in Republican control.”

That endorsement has caused me a lot of concern for Carson’s alleged pro-family values and I’m not the only one questioning Carson’s integrity. Phil Burress, Chairman of the Citizens for Community Values Action PAC reacted to Carson’s endorsement of Portman, saying:

“That sent shockwaves to the pro-family community, and basically it took him off my list.”

Carson’s endorsement of pro-same sex marriage Portman could seriously hurt Carson’s bid for the White House. Burress explained:

“Because if you come out and endorse a candidate who believes in same-sex marriage, then that pretty much puts you into the same camp.”

I agree with Burress that by endorsing Portman, knowing his current stand in support of same-sex marriage basically forces Carson into the same stance. He can’t campaign on strong family values when he supports others who don’t. Like Portman, Carson’s announcement makes me question the strength of his Christian faith and just how far he will go or not go to protect Christian values. Our country is in enough trouble and doesn’t need a leader whose Christian faith is so wishy washy and weak.

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