Carville to Obama: They’re On to You, Switch Tactics

It’s taken four years since President Obama’s last campaign, but it’s finally starting to dawn on a few Democrats that maybe, just maybe, the guy they elected has no idea what he’s doing.

Politics being what it is, with liberals’ noses so easily getting out of joint, the newly deconverted have to word their revelations carefully, but it’s becoming painfully obvious that the rats are jumping ship.

One of the most recent is Democrat political consultant James Carville, who told the “Good Morning America” audience that he’s “worried” how Obama’s economic message is affecting his campaign.

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“I’m worried that when the White House or the campaign talks about the progress that’s being made, people take that as a signal that they think that things are fine, and people don’t feel they ought to believe that,” Carville said.

Translation: They’re not buying it, Barack! Quick, switch to Plan B!

For those of us who have never bought Obama’s vacuous schtick, it’s hardly a revelation that the economy under Obama, despite years of assurances from the White House, has gotten progressively worse — pun intended.

Carville recently wrote a report for something called Democracy Corps with pollsters Stan Greenberg and Erica Seifert, which said essentially that voters no longer have stardust in their eyes and Obama’s vision of Wonderland just isn’t as convincing as it once was.

The report read, in part, “These voters are not convinced that we are headed in the right direction. They are living in a new economy — and there is no conceivable recovery in the year ahead that will change the view of the new state of the country. …

“They actually have a very realistic view of the long road back and the struggles of the middle class — and the current narrative about progress just misses the opportunity to connect and point forward.”

Ah, there’s that word — forward. But Carville and other Democrats are realizing that voters don’t want to get on a bus moving forward with a driver who has no concept of the condition of the road he’s on or what lies ahead.

A liberal acquaintance of mine is fond of comparing Obama to a fireman driving a truck to the scene of a fire (that Bush started). To use that same analogy, people are finally waking up to the fact that our little firefighter is more interested in driving around with sirens blaring and lights flashing to draw attention to himself than he is in actually getting off his duff and putting out the flames.

Despite the usual media downplay, the nation didn’t miss the fact that this president came out last week and said “the private sector is doing fine” and it took him several hours to even realize his mistake. And when he did backtrack, it had the air of a dullard school child reluctantly agreeing that eating paste is not a good thing to do.

Carville and company said in their memo that if Obama wants to win, he should proceed with “minimal discussion of the recovery and jobs created, and maximal empathy for the challenges people face.”

Carville knows what he’s talking about. His former boss, President Clinton got a lot of mileage out of “I feel your pain.”

But Clinton, for all his faults, was a people person, so it came naturally to him.

In Obama, the Democrats got what they wanted, a puppet for all their causes. Too bad for them that they didn’t realize earlier his head was made of wood.

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