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2nd Amendment

End of Second Amendment: Democrats Seek to Change Rules So Victims Can Sue Gun Makers for Shootings

Package with anti-second amendment message sent to republican party office, promoting bomb squad removal

Broward coward Scot Peterson arrested on charges of neglect during Parkland shooting

Texas Passes Law Allowing Citizens to Open Carry Firearms for a Full Week After Natural Disasters

New Trump Brand .45 ACP Handgun Ammo Sure to Rile Liberals Everywhere

Venezuela Victim-Disarmament Law Has Made Its People the Defenseless Sport of Tyrants

Sen. Cory Booker Wants to Put Gun Owners in Jail

Mississippi Lawyers Pledge to Begin Informing Authorities About Clients’ Guns

Jews and Christians Must Stop Murders in Their Places of Worship by Taking Up Arms

MSNBC Accidentally Made Strong Case For Second Amendment

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules that Gun Sales Website NOT Liable for 2012 Shooting

Trump Announces U.S. Withdrawal from Odious U.N. Small Arms Treaty

Rapper Bun B Protects Himself with Second Amendment Rights by Shooting Home Invader

Anti-Gunners Whining After Funding for Their Biased Research Is Cut

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Says Second Amendment Not An Absolute Right

Armed Mother Stops Muslim from Kidnapping Child in WV Shopping Mall

Colorado Sheriff Says He’ll Go to Jail Before Enforcing New Anti-Gun Law

Dick’s Sporting Goods Lost $150 Million After Halting Gun Sales

Pennsylvania Now Looking to Start Registering Every Firearm in the State for Future Confiscation

Court Makes Dangerous Ruling to Allow Sandy Hook Families to Sue Gun Maker

Gun-Hating Liberal Booted from Hearing After Texting Threats to NRA Members

Maryland Sheriffs Won’t Enforce New Gun Law Say It’s A “Suicide Mission” For Cops

WATCH: Black Guns Matter Chief Pleads with GOP to Reach Out to Blacks

Maryland County Sheriff Will Refuse to Enforce New State Gun Confiscation Law

Democrats Oppose Law to Alert ICE When Undocumented Immigrants Try to Illegally buy Guns

NRA Magazine Article Triggers Poor Little Leftists

The Fake Research Liberals Use to Complain About ‘Gun Violence’

Liberals Immediately Called for More Gun Control After Illinois Shooting — Then Cops Busted the Narrative

New Mexico County Declares Itself ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Defying Left-Wing State

Nancy Pelosi Calls Gun Crime a ‘National Emergency’– But Gun Crime is WAY Down

L.A. Trying to Force Companies That have Any ‘Ties’ to the NRA Out of City Business

New Mexico Sheriffs Rebel Against New Oppressive Gun Control Laws

New Illinois Anti-Gun Law Already Forcing Gun Shops to Close

Parkland Massacre Ruling Bolsters Case for Gun Reform

Trump Attny. Gen. Nominee William Barr’s Important Points on Second Amendment

Virginia State Senator Enrages Democrats by Open Carrying Gun in the Capital