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White House moves to block more testimony from former aides

Spare me the image, but talk about strange bedfellows! Canadian Cruz and AOC join forces in much-needed swamp-draining initiative

AG Barr Appoints U.S. Attorney to Investigate ‘Russiagate’ and the Mice Run For Cover

Democrats Pursuing a Contempt Charge Over AG Barr’s Supposed Lack of Transparency – Except They CAN View 99.9% of the Mueller Report

Next Attack On America: Democrats Want References to God Removed from Oaths for Testimony

Standoff Between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi is Over–Trump Will Postpone Speech

If It’s Broken: Raise the Hood and Fix It— Solutions for Survival of the United States in the 21st Century

Congress Will Have To Pay Out Of Their Own Pockets To Settle Sexual Harassment Claims

Trump Trolls Nancy Pelosi, Tweets His Support For Her Run to Become Speaker Again

The One Person Who Could Stop Impeachment of Pres. Trump

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Obama Says Sex Act Trumps Religious Freedom

Speaker John Boehner Set to Retire from Congress in October

America’s Forgotten (On Purpose) Christian History

Politicians Can’t Create Jobs So Stop Telling Us You Can

Government Literally Does Not Care What You Think: Just Follow the Money

Our Government Would Outlaw the Declaration of Independence Today

Dennis Hastert’s Real ‘Crime’ Was How He Made His Money

Lawsuit Filed Against Clintons for Possible Racketeering

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is the Only Honest Socialist in Congress

Dick Durbin Made Two Black Women ‘Sit in the Back of the Bus’

Will GOP Cave to Democrat Demands for New Taxes and Spending?

John Boehner Supports Foreign Power While Dismissing Own Party

Another Bush in the White House Would be a Disaster for America

Joe Biden Wants to ‘Emancipate Wealth’ by Stealing More of It and Making More Poor People

43% of Democrats Believe Obama Should Have Right to Ignore the Courts

Alabama Governor Says He Would ‘Never . . . Disobey a Federal Court Ruling”

Texas Supreme Court Halts Rogue Judges’ Same-Sex Marriage Rulings

Republican Governor John Kasich Says Bible Supports Obamacare

Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Refuses to Answer Polygamy Question

Tax Man Obama Wants to Tax Your Tax-Free Savings Accounts

The Biggest Lie Obama Told In his State of the Union Address